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Top 20 YouTube Channels for Cyber Security [2024]

YouTube Channels For Cyber Security

In the modern era of digital technology, cybersecurity is more critical than it has ever been.  It is essential to maintain a current awareness of the most recent dangers and tendencies, regardless of whether you are an experienced professional or just beginning your path.  An abundance of free resources for learning cybersecurity can be found on YouTube.

These resources range from lessons that are suitable for beginners to in-depth technical talks.  Craw Security, the Best Cybersecurity Training Institute in Singapore, has prepared a list of the top 20 YouTube channels for cybersecurity in order to assist you in navigating this enormous world. The following channels are included on the list:

For Enthusiasts and Beginners:

  1. John Hammond: Providing explanations that are both simple and concise, John Hammond explains complicated ideas related to cybersecurity.
  2. Craw Security:  A pretty famous cybersecurity training institute situated in Delhi NCR, airs its world-class training sessions facilitated by superb training instructors with 10+ years of experience in their respective domains of cybersecurity.
  3. LiveOverflow: It is possible to find interesting content on LiveOverflow that covers a variety of cybersecurity subjects, including ethical hacking.
  4. David Bombal: To keep you safe while you’re online, David Bombal focuses on providing you with useful cybersecurity advice and techniques.
  5. The Cyber Mentor: For individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity, The Cyber Mentor provides career guidance and recommendations.

For Professionals and Tech Geeks:

  1. Black Hat: During their well-known security conferences, Black Hat hosts presentations and discussions in which industry professionals share their knowledge.
  2. NetworkChuck: A wide variety of information technology subjects are covered by NetworkChuck, with a particular emphasis on cybersecurity.
  3. Hak5: Specifically, Hak5 delves deeply into a wide range of hacking tools and methods, with a particular emphasis on ethical hacking.
  4. Computerphile: The science that underpins cybersecurity is investigated in a manner that is both interesting and educational in Computerphile.
  5. Infosec: The organization Infosec offers in-depth discussions on the most recent vulnerabilities and dangers in the field of cybersecurity.

For Specific Interests:

  1. Null Byte: Null Byte is dedicated to producing content that is both interesting and informative about a variety of hacking tools and methods.
  2. Cybrary: Free online courses covering a variety of cybersecurity topics are available through Cybrary.
  3. SANS Institute InfoSec: The information that is provided by SANS Institute InfoSec is authored by industry leaders and covers a wide range of topics related to cybersecurity.
  4. Strange Loop: The lectures and demos that are part of Strange Loop are designed to investigate the technical aspects of cybersecurity.
  5. Cyber Security Club: The Cyber Security Club provides a variety of content on a wide range of cybersecurity subjects, including both basic and intermediate material.

For Niche Areas:

  1. TCM Security: Application security and web hacking techniques are the primary areas of concentration for TCM Security.
  2. InsiderPHD: Within the realm of social engineering and human hacking, InsiderPHD explores the world of hacking.
  3. Power DMARC: In addition to addressing email security, Power DMARC also defends against phishing attempts.
  4. MalwareTech: MalwareTech offers a comprehensive analysis of malicious software as well as an analysis of reverse engineering techniques.
  5. CCS Learning Academy: The information that is available on CCS Learning Academy covers a variety of IT security certifications.


About the Top 20 YouTube Channels for Cyber Security

1: What are the best YouTube channels for learning Cyber Security?

John Hammond, Craw Security, LiveOverflow, David Bombal, and The Cyber Mentor are all excellent choices for beginners, although there is no single “best” channel. A more technical audience is served by NetworkChuck, Hak5, Black Hat, and Infosec. Channels such as Cybrary (free courses) and MalwareTech (malware analysis) are available for individuals with specific interests.

2: Why should I choose YouTube for learning Cyber Security?

YouTube provides a diverse selection of cybersecurity-related content that is both readily accessible and free. This is an excellent method for learning new skills or exploring your interests prior to enrolling in a paid course.

3: Which is the best YouTube channel for cyber security?

The optimal channel is contingent upon your objectives and heritage. The article by Craw Security provides a list of 20 options to ensure that you can identify one that aligns with your learning style and interests.

4: Can I learn cyber security from YouTube?

Even though YouTube can be a valuable resource for cybersecurity education, it should not serve as your sole source. Consider it a starting point for the purpose of establishing a foundation and investigating various topics. Formal courses may be necessary for professional certifications or in-depth learning.

5: Which is the best cyber security course in Singapore?

The best cybersecurity course in Singapore is the one propagated by Craw Security, the best cybersecurity training institute in Singapore.

6: Who is No 1 Tech YouTube channel in Singapore?

LizzzTV Singapore is the No. 1 Tech YouTube channel in Singapore.

7: Are there YouTube channels for Cyber Security that offer content in multiple languages?

The YouTube channel list does not specify languages; however, you can search for cybersecurity channels in your preferred language using YouTube’s search filters.

8: Can I learn cyber security in 3 months from YouTube?

Learning cyber security necessitates commitment and time. A basic comprehension of YouTube content may suffice for three months; however, a strong foundation and practical skills should be pursued through a combination of structured courses and YouTube-based content.

9: What are the cyber security news YouTube channels?

You can check out our blog in the above section for more detailed information on cyber security news on YouTube channels.

10: Which stream is good for cyber security?

While there is no single “best” stream, computer science, information technology, or related disciplines offer a robust foundation for cybersecurity careers.


In the bottom line, we would like to say that there are several YouTube channels from which you can start learning about the best cybersecurity practices and information.  However, if you wish to take your cybersecurity knowledge to the next level, try joining Craw Security Updates right now by subscribing to Craw Security’s YouTube channel.

Moreover, Craw Security, the best cybersecurity training institute in Singapore, offers a comprehensive range of courses designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge to succeed in this dynamic field.  Our experienced instructors and industry-relevant curriculum will help you stay ahead of the curve and build a rewarding career in cybersecurity.

For more information, call now or WhatsApp at their hotline mobile number +65-93515400 to have a word with their highly skilled team of educational counselors.

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