Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Singapore

Take your penetration testing skills to the next level with our Advanced Penetration Testing Course, which prepares you for how to determine and exploit vulnerabilities in systems and networks while also providing guidance on how to secure them. 

Modules : 23
Duration: 40 Hours
Level : Intermediate

Advanced Penetration Testing Course

A highly designed Advanced Penetration Testing Course from Craw Singapore is offered to students of hacking and security who want to learn how penetration is done. In this course, students will learn about various penetration testing methods, which will help secure networks and devices against online threats.

Moreover, the tools introduced in this course are used by professionals in real-life situations where they use such tools to enhance the system’s security measures. To do that, students can join the Penetration Testing Course, which will be taught under the guidance of professional certified pentesters under the premises of Craw Singapore.

What else? Under the guidance of a professional pentester, you will understand the fundamental concepts of penetration testing and hacking to check whether the devices are vulnerable to online threats.

Several students have already chosen to become a professional pentester to offer their skills to organizations that need professional cybersecurity support. Become a certified professional pentester to enhance your skills & knowledge in Cyber Security. Let’s continue!

What You Will Learn In Advanced Penetration Testing Course In Singapore

Students of penetration testing will be able to learn the following concepts in this course::

1. Introduction to Penetration Testing And Methodologies
2. Penetration Testing Scoping
3. Engagement Methodology
4. IoT Penetration Testing Methodology
5. Exploit these vulnerabilities to hack into web servers.
6. Become a bug bounty hunter & discover bug bounty bugs!
7. Bypass security & advanced exploitation of these vulnerabilities.

What is Advanced Penetration Testing?

It’s the process of using several hacking techniques to find loopholes in a system/ network to get access to it. After that, they prepared a report on how did they get to the database and what the loophole was to offer solutions for enhancing security measures.

One who wants to join the Penetration Testing Course for beginners can contact Craw Singapore, which has been offering this course for IT Professionals who want to improve their knowledge & skills in IT Security to deliver the best security services to the organizations hiring them.

This course will introduce the various amazing techniques that will be used to penetrate devices and find optimizable solutions for security improvements. 01. Network Scanning & Enumeration,
02. Vulnerability Analysis,
03. Exploitation Techniques,
04. Password Cracking,
05. Social Engineering,
06. Wireless Security Auditing,
07. Application Security Testing,
08. Database Security Testing,
09. Penetration Testing Methodologies, and
10. Reporting & Documentation.

Why Penetration Testing Course in Singapore from Craw Singapore?

Singapore, a high-tech country in ASIA, needs professionals to handle their information and tech infrastructure security. For that, students who want to contribute their skills to society through the organization’s database security need a reliable institute to guide them through and through.

Craw Singapore has always been up to date with the latest technology and trends in the IT Sector, so it was easy for us to deliver a transparent career-based course, Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Singapore, to students who are serious about their goals and achievements.

With the team of certified professionals here, Craw Singapore has offered the best learning environment for the learner who wants to learn skills and knowledge of penetration testing without taking any stress. After theoretical knowledge, students need to test their skills on live demonstrations.

For that, Craw Singapore provides labs and live machines to test students’ abilities and the parameters of their learning capabilities.

World-Class Knowledge-Based Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Singapore

Under the premises of Craw Singapore, aspirants get to have the opportunity to receive a World-Class Knowledge-Based Advance Penetration Testing Course in Singapore. The Penetration Testing Course with Certification will work as the evidence of skills and knowledge honed by the practitioner related to Penetration Testing.

Adversaries have been upgrading their skills and techniques to polish their attacking force. Ex – you might think that you are downloading a game from a reliable site, and it will work. Definitely! It will. However, it can also be possible that someone might have access to that application through payload and victimize your device on the spot.

That means your device access, control systems access, and data have been compromised in one shot. In that condition, you have only two options.
1. Reset the Device (Lose your Data), and
2. Pay Ransom to decrypt files.

However, if you know the tricks and tips to prevent such situations, you can save yourself from unwanted cyberattacks. For that, joining the Best-In-Class Penetration Testing Student Course under the professionals (Craw Singapore) would be the best choice.

Moreover, we also offer Penetration Testing Course Online, which will support the students learning the course from the outside nation. However, other than being online, everything would be the same, and the students will be able to learn as offline students will be learning under professional guidance.

After completing the Advance Penetration Testing Course in Singapore, students can get certified with Penetration Testing Course with Certification. This certification is valid in several countries, so one should not worry about job opportunities. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

Penetration Testing Course Objectives

Following are the penetration testing course objectives, which help the students to realize what they need to do in the current scenario:
1. Train the IT Professionals to become proficient in penetration testing skills to offer their services to the organizations they will work for.
2. Under the premises of the respected institute, students must get the best learning experience and the environment to boost their learning speed.
3. Deliver the best quality education to the students so they can go for their desired results.
4. Offer them the lab facilities so that they can test their skills on test models before doing it in real-life scenarios.
5. Offering them the certification that is valid globally with a 100% job placement rate.

Module 01: Introduction
Module 02: In-Depth Scanning
Module 03: Exploitation
Module 04: Command Line Fun
Module 05: Getting Comfortable with Kali Linux
Module 06: Bash Scripting
Module 07: Practical Tools
Module 08: Active Information Gathering
Module 09: Passive Information Gathering
Module 10: Introduction to Buffer Overflows
Module 11: Buffer Overflows
Module 12: Fixing Exploits
Module 13: Locating Public Exploits
Module 14: Antivirus Evasion
Module 15: File Transfers
Module 16: Windows Privilege Escalation
Module 17: Linux Privilege Escalation
Module 18: Password Attacks
Module 19: Port Redirection and Tunneling
Module 20: Active Directory Attacks
Module 21: Power Shell Empire
Module 22: Trying Harder: The Labs
Module 23: Penetration Test Breakdown

Benefits of Advanced Penetration Testing Course

1. A greater understanding of technical skills related to penetration testing best practices.
2. Hone a chance for career advancement in the field of cybersecurity.
3. Improved earning possibilities in the IT industry.
4. Great problem-solving skills.
5. Exposure to emerging technologies and cutting-edge approaches employed in penetration testing.
6. The capability to execute penetration testing on a variety of platforms, including cloud infrastructure, mobile devices, and web applications.
7. Increased understanding of regulatory standards and best practices for cybersecurity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do you need to be a penetration tester?

In Singapore, if one wants to become a professional penetration tester, one should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, and mathematics. Or, one can choose to have a certificate in the same affirmation.

To become a professional penetration tester, you can join the Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Singapore offered by Craw Singapore. After being certified, one can apply for various penetration testing courses. What are you waiting for? Contact now!

What is the salary of a penetration tester?

On average, a certified penetration tester in Singapore can earn around S$50,000 – S$70,000 / year.

What are the 3 types of penetration testing?

Following are the 3 types of penetration testing:

a. Network Penetration Testing

In this process, the professional identifies any security flaw behind the network’s inadequate security infrastructure. The infrastructure involves –

1. Firewalls,
2. Routers,
3. Switches, and
4. Other Network Devices.

b. Application Penetration Testing

Professionals use this technique to see if the application has any loopholes vulnerable to online threats. Applications can be –

1. Web Applications,
2. Mobile Applications, and
3. Desktop Applications.

c. Wireless Penetration Testing

Professionals use this technique to find security flaws in wireless networks, such as

1. Wi-Fi and
2. Bluetooth Networks.

Is penetration tester a good career?

Of course! One can choose to be a professional penetration tester in Singapore and will be able to grow their skills under professional guidance. That’s because, due to the increasing rate of cybercrimes, organizations need professionals to handle their security.

Penetration testers can fight against online threats via various hacking techniques and solutions. Moreover, Singapore Government is pushing this agenda to manage organizational security within the country.

How much do Ethical Hackers earn?

In Singapore, an average professional certified ethical hacker earns around S$50,000 – S$80,000/ year. However, according to experience and expertise, one can reach around S$100,000/ annum or more.

Does penetration testing require coding?

It doesn’t ask for any coding skills. There, it can be done via automated tools and techniques that don’t require coding skills. However, where you find yourself doing advanced penetration testing, you must acquire coding skills to perform the tasks successfully.

Who can perform penetration testing?

Anyone with a legal hacking procedure can perform penetration testing tasks. That involves – ethical hackers, security experts, and IT Professionals with expert skills in pentesting. It’s essential to hire an expert in things who can rightfully handle security issues with a legal certification and qualification to lessen any illegitimate events.

What tools are used for penetration testing?

Following are the professional penetration testing tools used by experts to find out security flaws in organizational assets.

1. Nmap
2. Metasploit
3. Burp Suite
4. Wireshark
5. Nessus

What is the benefit of penetration testing?

It’s one of the best methods to protect your networks and devices from unknown online threats. The tools used in penetration testing help find potential security flaws in the networks/ systems.

By exploiting the loopholes in organizations’ networks/ devices, one can improve security measures for more protection against unauthorized access. Moreover, it can work as an extra protection layer over the networks and systems used in one’s organization.

Which course is best for penetration testing?

One of the best courses for penetration testing is the Advanced Penetration Testing Course in Singapore which Craw Singapore offers for IT Professionals. Students will be introduced to the penetration testing methods used by professionals in real-life situations while supporting the organizations for improvement in cyber security measures. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

What is penetration testing and how does IT work?

It is a kind of security testing process in which the ethical hacker tries various hacking techniques to penetrate through the security walls of an organization’s network infrastructure to break into their systems.

After this, the ethical hacker offers solutions to enhance the security of networks and systems to prepare a security barrier against online threats. The pentester tries their skills on following things.

1. Computer System,
2. Network, or
3. Web Application.

The steps involved in this process are – collecting data about the target system, finding security flaws, and exploiting loopholes to gain access, after which reporting is the final step. This help in improving online security against cyber attacks.

Modules : 23
Duration : 40 Hours
Level : Intermediate
Training Mode : Online/Classroom

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