Ethical Hacking Course in Singapore

Learn more about ethical hacking and how to protect systems from malicious attacks with our in-depth ethical hacking course, which covers the most recent tools and techniques.

Modules : 29
Duration: 40 Hours
Level : Intermediate

Ethical Hacking Course from Scratch, Fees, Duration, Jobs, and Salary

The Ethical Hacking Course in Singapore is a comprehensively designed course for IT professionals’ skills and knowledge development. This course includes various amazing concepts specially lined up to follow a step-by-step transparent learning career path. This course covers system hacking, malware, social engineering, cryptography, and more. In-depth hacking knowledge will let you know how adversaries hack your system and get to your database to steal your confidential data. Cyber Security and Information Security have become one of the most trending topics in the IT Sector because of our online work. Our online activities become a threat to us, causing data breaches. Cybercriminals use several techniques to compromise our devices to get access to them. Let’s move further!


What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is the process of using various methods to have unauthorized access to one’s systems/ networks by exploiting security flaws in the management. The main objective of ethical hacking is to find security issues in the systems and provide solutions to enhance Security Measures. That’s to secure your devices from being compromised via Adversaries’ attacks. In the ethical hacking process, the hacker maintains the security level of security measures applied to protect data and devices being used for the business. The ethical hacker uses legal ways to get into the system to see if there are any security loopholes or not. That is to offer solutions to maintain organizational data security and resources.

Types of Hacking

Unauthorized access to, manipulation of, or exploitation of computer systems, networks, and data is referred to as hacking. Depending on the aim, target, and techniques employed, hacking can take many different shapes. Here are a few notable types of hacking:

01. Ethical Hacking,

02. Malware Attacks,

03. Phishing,

04. SQL Injection,

05. Social Engineering,

06. Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS),

07. Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) Attacks,

08. Password Cracking,

09. Wi-Fi Hacking,

10. Physical Attacks, etc.

Types of Hackers

Based on their purposes, driving forces, and behaviors, hackers can be divided into various categories, such as the following:

01. White Hat Hackers,

02. Black Hat Hackers,

03. Grey Hat Hackers,

04. Script Kiddies,

05. Hacktivists,

06. Nation/ State-Sponsored Hackers,

07. Malware Developers,

08. Phreakers,

09. Cybercriminals,

10. Hacktivists, etc.

Ethical Hacking Job Opportunities

There are several job prospects in the cybersecurity industry that ethical hacking offers. As more businesses realize how crucial it is to safeguard their digital assets, there is an increasing need for knowledgeable, ethical hackers. These are a few positions available in ethical hacking:

01. Penetration Tester,

02. Security Analyst,

03. Vulnerability Assessor,

04. Security Consultant,

05. Incident Responder,

06. Security Engineer,

07. Security Architect,

08. Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst,

09. Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst,

10. Security Auditor, etc.

Ethical Hacking Tools

Various tools are used by ethical hackers to carry out their tasks quickly and effectively. These ethical hacking tools help with system analysis, security audits, and vulnerability identification, such as follows:

01. Nmap,

02. Metasploit Framework,

03. Wireshark,

04. Burp Suite,


06. John the Ripper,

07. Aircrack-ng,

08. Nessus,

09. Hydra,

10. Nikto, etc.

Ethical Hacking Training in Singapore

It is always so important as well as advisable by all cybersecurity experts throughout the world to take essential care of Ethical Hacking Training in Singapore by paying attention in the classes rather than studying to obtain the certification. As this ethical hacking course for beginners by Craw Security is nicely curated for the learners trying to understand this course for the first time, our training staff helps the students to grab all the fundamentals of ethical hacking right from scratch.

In addition, learners will also be able to obtain the best study material via both soft and hard copies duly verified by a number of cybersecurity experts all over the world for a decent study journey.

Ethical Hacking Course Near Me

In Singapore, the ethical hacking course is nicely encouraged and provided by Craw Security to deliver true excellence and understanding of all the fundamental training of ethical hacking. A person can obtain the best possible TTPs (tactics, techniques, and procedures) within the basics of an ethical hacking course.

Moreover, we provide world-class iLabs to help you understand the ethical hacking basics so precisely.

Reasons To Learn Ethical Hacking:

Certainly, here are some reasons to learn ethical hacking:


1.Security EnhancementBy being aware of hacking techniques, you can better protect systems and networks against harmful assaults by identifying their weaknesses.
2.Career OpportunitiesA wide range of businesses, including cybersecurity organizations, government agencies, financial institutions, and tech corporations, have a strong demand for ethical hackers. A profitable professional path can be unlocked by learning ethical hacking.
3.Cyber Defense SkillsYou can acquire the abilities necessary to successfully protect against cyber attacks by understanding hacking tactics. This information is essential given how quickly cybersecurity is developing.
4.Prevent Data BreachesPreventing data breaches and safeguarding sensitive information belonging to individuals and organizations can be achieved by promptly identifying and patching vulnerabilities before they are exploited.
5.Legal and Ethical UnderstandingThe need to adhere to moral and legal requirements when doing security assessments is underscored by ethical hacking. It sheds light on what behaviors are appropriate and legal in the field of cybersecurity.
6.Understanding Attack TechniquesBy learning about hacking techniques, you can gain insight into the motivations, tactics, and workings of attackers. Using this knowledge to create effective defensive plans is beneficial.
7.Continuous LearningThe world of cybersecurity is always changing as new threats appear on a regular basis. Acquiring knowledge about ethical hacking guarantees that you remain current with security developments and methodologies.
8.Contribution to SocietyThe preservation of digital infrastructure and the privacy of persons are greatly aided by ethical hackers. Gaining knowledge about ethical hacking helps make the internet a safer place for all users.
9.Problem-Solving SkillsEthical hacking entails overcoming challenging technological obstacles, which can improve your analytical and problem-solving skills.
10.Personal and Professional Growth

Gaining expertise in ethical hacking calls for commitment and lifelong learning, which promotes both professional and personal development.

It improves your technical proficiency and increases your value as a cybersecurity professional.

Certified Ethical Hacker Course


Want to become an ethical hacker but are confused about where to rely on? You don’t need to worry about it. Craw Singapore has offered the Certified Ethical Hacker Course, which is a specially designed course for the skills and knowledge development of IT Professionals in the following aspects.

01. Network Security &
02. Firewalls,
03. Cryptography,
04. Social Engineering,
05. Footprinting &
06. Reconnaissance,
07. Scanning Networks,
08. System Hacking,
09. Malware Threats,
10. Sniffing,
11. Denial-of-Service (DoS/DDoS),
12. Session Hijacking,
13. Wireless Network Security,
14. Web Application Security,
15. SQL Injection,
16. Internet of Things (IoT) Security,
17. Cloud Security,
Penetration Testing, and
Security Compliance & Policies

Craw Singapore is one of the Best Ethical Hacking Institutes for learning Ethical Hacking for Beginners in Singapore. That’s because Craw Singapore has been offering Hacker Course Training and Certification for IT Professionals in the IT Sector for a long time.

Hacking has become a great career option, opening several doors to huge opportunities for a bright future for IT Students. This course will introduce IT Students to the fundamental concepts of hacking and the latest technologies used in protecting the data and systems of the organization demanding security.

Apart from that, this course will offer the knowledge & skills related to Ethical Hacking Concepts. This course is specially designed to teach students the latest tools and techniques to fight against online threats made by cyber criminals.

Moreover, the hands-on lab exercises under the guidance of Craw Singapore will help the trainees to get the best live real-life issues handling experience. After the completion of the Comprehensive Ethical Hacking Course, students will be able to get certified with the Certified Ethical Hacker Certification.


Online Ethical Hacking Course


Well, don’t worry for those who don’t live in Singapore but want to learn ethical hacking skills and knowledge. For them, Craw Singapore has introduced an Online Ethical Hacking Course. With the help of this course, they’ll be able to join online sessions at their homes.

Moreover, under the guidance of professional ethical hackers, they’ll be able to get the best learning environment. Online Sessions can be scheduled at the student’s convenience. So they don’t need to hassle with it.

Several institutes have introduced online hacking courses. However, you can contact Craw Singapore if you want to join this course on a pocket-friendly budget. The Ethical Hacking Course Fees that Craw Singapore offers are within your budget, and you’ll be able to excel in your skills in hacking with the professionals of Craw Singapore.

The Ethical Hacking Course Duration is around 40 Hours. For more information, contact us now!


Benefits of Ethical Hacking Course?


1.Fight against OddsThis Course will help you understand the need for the current cyber security scenario. Organizations demand ethical hackers to protect their data and systems from online threats.
2.Enhanced problem-solving techniquesIn the process of ethical hacking, you need logical & analytical thinking to carry out cyber attacks. This course will teach you skills like – Identify, Evaluate, and Solve Complex Problems.
3.High-End Salary PackageA Certified Ethical Hacker can expect a high-end salary package than one who’s not.
4.Knowledge of Network SecurityThis course delivers a comprehensive introduction to network security and ways to protect resources against malicious attackers.
5.Grow Possibilities in a Career in cyber securityOnce you clear this course, you can go for advanced courses available in the line of hacking and cyber security.


Key Features of Ethical Hacking Course in Singapore


01. Best Learning Environment
02. Experience Professional Ethical Hacking Trainers.
03. Interactive Classroom Sessions
04. Accredited Content
05. Career Oriented Course
06. International Accreditation
07. 100% Job Placement
08. Lab Practicals under expert guidance.
09. Validated Reputed Certification Provided
10. Online Sessions are also Available


Target Audience for Ethical Hacking Course Certification in Singapore


1. IT Security Professionals
2. System Administrators
3. Network Administrators
4. Software Engineers
5. Developers, and
6. Interested in computer security.


Ethical Hacking Course Eligibility


There are no prerequisites for joining the ethical hacking course under the premises of Craw Singapore. You just need to have an interest in learning some new skills and knowledge. However, if you have a basic understanding of computer science, it would be easy for you to understand the topics for you.


Ethical Hacking Jobs and Salary


In Singapore, ethical hacking job opportunities have increased due to the rise in cyber attacks against organizations. However, due to that, competition has also increased. If you want a high-end salary, you can get certified with a reputed certification course as the Best Ethical Hacking Course in Singapore offered by Craw Singapore.

With this certification course, a high-end salary package of around $4,000 – $10,000/ month is expected. However, it’ll also depend on your experience and qualifications where your salary figure gets set.

Organizations hire professional certified ethical hackers to secure organizational resources, such as data, networks, systems, and devices. What are you waiting for? Enroll, Now!

Module 01: Introduction to Basics of Ethical Hacking
Module 02: Foot-printing Active (Tool-Based Practical)
Module 03: Foot-printing Passive (Passive Approach)
Module 04: In-depth Network Scanning
Module 05: Enumeration User Identification
Module 06: System Hacking Password Cracking & Bypassing
Module 07: Viruses and Worms
Module 08: Trojan and Back door
Module 09: Bots and Botnets
Module 10: Sniffers MITM with Kali
Module 11: Sniffers MITM with Windows
Module 12: Social Engineering Techniques Theoretical Approach
Module 13: Social Engineering Toolkit Practical Based Approach
Module 14: Denial of Service DOS & DDOS Attacks
Module 15: Web Session Hijacking
Module 16: SQL Injection Manual Testing
Module 17: SQL Injection Automated Tool-Based Testing
Module 18: Basics of Web App Security
Module 19: Hacking Web servers Server Rooting
Module 20: Hacking Wireless Networks Manual CLI Based
Module 21: Hacking Wireless Network
Module 22: Evading IDS, Firewall
Module 23: Honey pots
Module 24: Buffer Overflow
Module 25: Cryptography
Module 26: Penetration Testing: Basics
Module 27: Mobile Hacking
Module 28: Internet of Things (IoT) Hacking
Module 29: Cloud Security and many more



Become An Ethical Hacker Expert

Searching for a perfect ethical hacking course facilitated by genuine training institutions driven by the finest trainers and mentors can be very good for a person looking out for a course to transform one’s career into this trajectory. You can choose this primetime Ethical Hacking Course and become an ethical hacker expert for a decent transition into the cyber security domain.

Benefits of Ethical Hacking Course in Singapore

1. Greater technical understanding of networks and computer systems.

2. Career Growth in Cybersecurity.

3. Enhanced potential for financial gain in the IT sector.

4. Greater problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills enhancement.

5. Improved understanding of cybersecurity standard procedures.

6. Knowledge of spotting and fixing varied security flaws in networks and computer systems.

7. Opportunities for entrepreneurship, like initiating a consulting firm.

Ethical Hacker Skills

To efficiently find and fix vulnerabilities in computer systems, ethical hackers need a particular set of skills. The following are some vital ethical hacker skills:

Technical ProficiencyComputer systems, networks, and multiple operating systems (such as Windows, Linux, or macOS) require thorough expertise by ethical hackers. They ought to have experience with a range of hacking tools and technologies.
Networking KnowledgeIt’s crucial to have a firm grasp of networking technologies, including TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, and routing. Monitoring network traffic, running network scans, and seeing possible weaknesses should all be skills that ethical hackers possess.
Programming SkillsFor creating unique tools, scripts, and vulnerabilities, knowledge of scripting languages like PowerShell and Bash or programming languages like Python, C, and C++ can be helpful.
Web Application SecurityWeb application technologies, frameworks, and popular flaws like SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) should be thoroughly understood by ethical hackers. They ought to be competent to conduct penetration tests and evaluate the security of web applications.
Vulnerability AssessmentPerforming vulnerability evaluations to find potential flaws in computer systems, networks, and applications should be a competence for ethical hackers. This includes scanning for vulnerabilities with tools and procedures, analyzing the findings, and prioritizing remedial actions.
Exploitation TechniquesIn order to take advantage of vulnerabilities, ethical hackers must be knowledgeable about different exploitation techniques and skilled at using hacking tools. In order to evaluate the possible effects of the vulnerabilities, they should be able to acquire illegal access to systems and networks in a controlled and lawful manner.
Problem-Solving and Analytical ThinkingStrong analytical and problem-solving abilities are essential for ethical hackers. They must exercise critical thinking, examine intricate systems, and find potential attack vectors and defense mechanisms.
Communication and DocumentationTo effectively explain their results both orally and in written reports, ethical hackers need to have great communication skills. The documentation of vulnerabilities, exploits, and remedial suggestions must be clear and succinct.
Ethical and Legal AwarenessStrict moral standards and legal restrictions must be followed by ethical hackers. They ought to be fully aware of the rules and legislation that apply to hacking, privacy, and cybersecurity in their region.
Continuous LearningSince cybersecurity is a constantly changing field, ethical hackers must be passionate about lifelong learning. It’s crucial to keep up with the most recent security developments, hacking techniques, and emerging technology.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which course is best for ethical hacking?

One of the best courses that you can choose to learn ethical hacking is the Certified Ethical Hacker Course offered by Craw Singapore. This course is specially designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of hacking techniques, & tools used in the process of securing organizational resources.

Concepts such as – encryption, social engineering, pentesting, and many more are introduced in this course for a better understanding of aspirants.

Is ethical hacking a good career?

Definitely! Singapore has a high demand for professional ethical hackers to solve cyber security issues for organizations with the latest techniques and tools. So, if you are considering starting your own career in hacking, you can definitely go for ethical hacking.

For that, you can join the Best Ethical Hacking Course in Singapore offered by Craw Singapore. This course will help you develop your skills at the level of hacking. The main objective of this course is to train students to become certified hackers who can help organizations to beat online threats that are carrying various threats to the firm and connected partners.

What are the 3 types of hacking?

Following are the 3 types of hacking:
1. Black Hat Hacking : In this kind of hacking, the hacker uses various hacking techniques to access a system with an unauthorized connection to steal confidential data.
2. White Hat Hacking : This type of hacking involves legitimate access obtained with lawful hacking techniques with the permission of the owner of the resources. It’s a common practice that comes in proceeding to find security flaws in organizational resources, so one can enhance their security measures before the adversary could hack the systems. 3. Grey Hat Hacking : This type of professional method with an indefinite objective. In this kind of hacking, the hackers find security loopholes and crack them, but they don’t mean harm to anyone.

What is ethical hacker salary?

In Singapore, a certified ethical hacker would earn around $66,000/ annum. Once you start working in the field of hacking, you can expect your salary increment from $50,000 – $90,000. However, several other factors can also influence your salary packages, such as

1. Experience,
2. Qualification,
3. The type of organization.

What should a hacker study?

If you want to be a hacker, you can learn about the following things.

1. Computer Science,
2. Cyber Security,
3. Web Development,
4. Programming Language,
5. Networking,
6. Data Analysis,
7. Ethical Hacking

Where do I start to become a hacker?

Started the journey of becoming a hacker? Let’s learn things about how to be an ethical hacker. In Singapore, you have various options to become a certified ethical hacker. Some have adopted books to skill up, and some have searched for online material. There some of them have trusted institutes that are offering specially designed courses for the purpose of teaching hacking skills.

You can start your hacking journey by learning a programming language. That’s because you would need the coding ability to put secure codes in the application structure. The easiest computing language that you can start learning is Python.

Now, you can start searching for an ethical hacking course. One of the best options would be the Best Ethical Hacking Course offered by Craw Singapore which will help you get introduced to ethical hacking from scratch.

Which language is used for hacking?

Not a single computing language is specially specified for hacking operations. So, it doesn’t matter which one of the following computing languages you know.

1. Python,
2. JavaScript,
3. C,
4. C++,
5. Ruby,
6. Bash, and
7. SQL

Can I learn hacking at home?

Definitely! For that, you can contact Craw Singapore, which offers an Online Ethical Hacking Course, a specially designed course for students outside Singapore. Moreover, you can schedule your sessions at your convenience. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

Why Ethical Hacking is in Boom?

Singapore is experiencing a boom in ethical hacking as a result of the country’s increased emphasis on cybersecurity, expanding digital infrastructure, and the need for qualified experts to protect against online threats.

Is studying ethical hacking hard?

Because of its technological intricacy, studying ethical hacking might be difficult, but it is possible if you are committed to the subject.

Can a beginner learn ethical hacking?

Yes, given the correct tools, direction, and willpower, novices can learn ethical hacking.

What is the hacking course in Singapore?

Craw Security has offered the Ethical Hacking Course in Singapore which is a customized training and certification course for IT Aspirants who want to enhance & improve their knowledge and skills in ethical hacking techniques & tools under the guidance of professionals. What are you waiting? Contact, Now!

What is the salary of an ethical hacker?

In Singapore, ethical hackers make, on average, S$67,000.

Does ethical hacking require coding?

Yes, knowledge of programming languages is often necessary for ethical hacking since it enables the creation and use of unique tools and scripts for security evaluations.

Is an ethical hacking course worth it?

In Singapore, taking an ethical hacking course might be beneficial since it offers important knowledge and abilities in a subject that is expanding quickly and has a high demand for cybersecurity specialists.

Is ethical hacking in high demand?

Indeed, given Singapore’s rising reliance on digital infrastructure and the increased threat of cyberattacks, ethical hacking talents are highly sought.

Which programming language do hackers use?

Programming languages are widely used by hackers, but Python is especially well-liked because of its adaptability, simplicity, and wealth of libraries for cybersecurity-related activities.

Indeed, ethical hackers work within the law and have permission to carry out security assessments to find and fix flaws.

Modules : 29
Duration : 40 Hours
Level : Intermediate
Training Mode : Online/Classroom

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