AWS Associate Course in Singapore

Get started with AWS Associate Course and go through the fundamental ideas and methods for creating scalable and secure cloud-based applications by learning various fundamental basics of Amazon Web Services basics. 

Modules : 18
Duration: 40 Hours
Level : Expert

About this AWS Associate Course in Singapore


IT Professionals who want to enhance their skills in Cloud Computing have the best opportunity to join the AWS Associate Course and Certification In Singapore. This certification course introduces students to the fundamental concepts of AWS Associate Within this course, one will learn about the following concepts

01. Cloud Computing Fundamentals,
02. AWS Global Infrastructure,
03. Computer Services,
04. Storage Services,
05. Database Services,
06. Storage Services,
07. Database Services,
08. Networking & Content Delivery,
10.Security & Identity Services,
11. Monitoring & Management Services,
12. Application Integration Services.

One gets a lot to learn about the Architecting & Installation of Apps within AWS Platforms. Moreover, understanding the Cloud Infrastructure will let you test your skills in building apps on Cloud Platforms and more. Organizations hire professional AWS Associates for the management & monitoring of cloud services that are in use by the organization’s employees. For database management, these professionals set some rules to execute processes perfectly. Let’s continue!

What You Will Learn In AWS Security Training Course In Singapore?


The following concepts will be introduced within the AWS Associate Course In Singapore.

01. Become a cloud expert
02. Design Highly Resilient and Scaleable Websites on AWS
03. Planning and Designing
04. Hybrid IT Architectures
05. Become very familiar with AWS platform
06. How to improve existing architectures via Frameworks provided by AWS solutions.
07. Encryption Solutions
08. AWS Import/Export
09. Making cost efficient and effective infrastructure

AWS Certification in Singapore

The AWS Associate Course and Certification In Singapore will validate the cloud computing skills offered to the company. The skills that one will learn in this course will help the organization to manage and maintain the cloud infrastructure for better performance. Several organizations are hiring these professionals to ensure the security & maintenance of their cloud resources. Once you manage to acquire these skills, you’ll be able to perform several tasks to get high-end salary packages. Moreover, you’ll get the chance to build professional relationships with other professionals in the IT Sector. Apart from that, once you have experience working for the organizations, you can go for advanced certifications so that you can enhance your knowledge & skills even further. Cloud Application Designing & Building are two of the concepts that will be taught in this course to IT Professionals. Now, you need professional guidance to support you through your career path. Moreover, to join this course, you need to get a reliable certification provider.

Why AWS Associate Course from Craw Security in Singapore?

Craw Security has been offering AWS Associate Course and Certification In Singapore for a long time with the support of well-qualified trainers experienced in Cloud Computing. Moreover, Craw Security offers Lab Practicals for the test of the skills of practitioners on live machines. Besides that, under the guidance of professional trainers provided by Craw Security, students will get the best learning environment. After completion of the Best AWS Associate Training Course, students will be able to take the AWS Associate Exam This exam will validate the skills honed by the practitioners related to AWS Associate. After passing the exam, one can apply for various job profiles, such as

AWS Cloud Architect,
AWS Cloud Engineer,
AWS DevOps Engineer,
AWS Solutions Architect,
Cloud Security Engineer,
Cloud Operations Engineer.

Moreover, Craw Security offers AWS Certification Course Online for the Online AWS Certification Training for the ease of out-of-town students in Singapore. It’s one of the best opportunities for IT Aspirants to learn some new skills and advance their stats. What are you waiting for? Join now!

Why Enroll in an AWS Associate Course in Singapore?

The AWS Solution Architect Certification Course offered here will help you to advance your technical skills in computing skills that will let you build apps on cloud platforms. Moreover, the AWS Associate Course is one of the most in-demand courses for the IT Sector as a career-based certification. Cloud Tech is enhancing its services and features, so the devices are advancing exponentially. This will definitely ease our lives. However, mismanagement of the execution of the program will let the performance down.

Module 01 : Planning & Design
Module 02 : Monitoring & Logging
Module 03 : Hybrid IT Architectures
Module 04 : Elasticity & Scalability
Module 05 : Amazon EC2
Module 06 : Amazon S3
Module 07 : AWS Cloud Formation
Module 08 : AWS VPS
Module 09 : AWS IAM
Module 10 : AWS IAM
Module 11 : AWS VPC
Module 12 : Encryption Solutions
Module 13 : Cloud watch logs
Module 14 : Disaster Recovery
Module 15 : Amazon Route 53
Module 16 : AWS Storage Gateway
Module 17 : AWS Import/Export
Module 18 : Troubleshooting

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Benefits of AWS Associates Course in Singapore

1. Complete access to rare resources in this training module.
2. Full awareness of the latest trends and emerging services in AWS.
3. Specific compliance requirements information.
4. Greater approach to handle cloud servers efficiently.
5. Great career opportunities with better pay scales.
6. Learn practical skills like how to deploy and manage applications on AWS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn AWS in 3 months?

Of course, you can. However, you will need professional guidance to do that. For that, you can search for a course specific to your need. The AWS Associate Course and Certification in Singapore would be the best option for you.

After completing the course, you can take the exam and get certified with the AWS Associate. In all, it depends on you how fast you learn the concepts of AWS Associate.

Is AWS associate hard?

It can be challenging if you are a fresher. However, with proper training and guidance, anyone can crack AWS Associate Exam. For that, you can get in contact with Craw Security, which has been offering the AWS Associate Course and Certification In Singapore for IT Professionals who want to enhance their skills & Knowledge in Cloud Computing. The exam will cover the following concepts.

2. Security,
3.Storage, and

Is AWS associate worth it?

Definitely! In Singapore, Cloud Computing is one of the growing fields of work which needs professional AWS Associates to manage their data, systems, and infrastructure. AWS Associate Course and Certification in Singapore offered by Craw Security can launch your career to new heights if you have chosen cloud computing to be one of the greatest skills.

After completing this course, one can apply for various job profiles managing AWS Essentials. Further, one can try advanced courses available in the market.

Can I get a job with AWS associate?

Several AWS Associates without certifications are getting job placements in several organizations. However, a certification in the same can increase your chances of getting placed in MNCs. So, yes, it is worth it. The AWS Associate Exam after AWS Associate Course and Certification in Singapore offered by Craw Security will validate your skills in fundamental knowledge related to AWS Services. Some of the abilities one will achieve are as follows.

1. Design,
2. Deploy, & Manage Scalable,
3. Highly Available, and
4. Fault-Tolerant Systems on the AWS Platform.

Certification can increase your chances for high-end salary packages from renowned companies for offering them your services. Thus, what are you waiting for?  Contact, Now!

What is AWS certification salary?

On average, In Singapore, an AWS Associate Solution Architect earns around SGD 199,000/ annually.

Does AWS require coding?

No. one doesn’t need coding skills to work as an AWS Cloud Professional. However, you might need Coding if you want to develop/ deploy apps to AWS Cloud.

Can I learn AWS without IT background?

Well, AWS Certifications train the individual to work for organizations needing professionals for cloud infrastructure. Moreover, you don’t specifically need Tech Background to apply.

How many times can I take AWS exam?

There is no limit to attempting the AWS Exam. However, one needs to pay the full registration fee for each attempt. Once passing the exam will lead you to be unable to retake the exam for 2 Years.

How long is AWS certification valid?

The AWS Certification is valid for max 3 Years. After that, you need to retake the exam to renew your certification.

What AWS certification is in demand?

One of the most in-demand certifications for AWS Associate is AWS Associate Course and Certification in Singapore offered by Craw Security, which one can join to enhance their skills in AWS Association.

Modules : 18
Duration : 40 Hours
Level : Expert
Training Mode : Online/Classroom

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