Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore

Become a digital forensics specialist by enrolling in our Cyber Forensics Investigation course. You will be able to assist law enforcement agencies and organizations in their cybercrime investigations and the prevention of future attacks. 

Modules : 15
Duration: 40 Hours
Level : Intermediate

About this Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore


IT Students who want to enhance their skills in cyber forensics and cyber security now have the chance to join one of the best career-oriented courses. Craw Singapore has offered the Best Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore for IT Professionals searching for a better career option. This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of cyber forensics, which help investigators to find the evidence of crimes from the crime scene. The Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore introduces with following concepts:

1. Computer Forensics,
2. Digital Evidence,
3. Networking & Security,
4. Investigation Processes & Procedures,
5. Data Recovery & Analysis, and
6. Court Testimony.

Once the students clear the exam of this course, they can become professional cyber forensics investigators. Due to the increased rate of cybercrime, the market is demanding more professional cyber forensics investigators. Let’s continue!



What You Will Learn In Cyber Forensics Investigation Course In Singapore


Following are some of the amazing concepts that you’ll be learning in this course:

1. Defining digital evidence and their types
2. Rules of procuring and safekeeping of evidence
3. Examination process of evidence
4. Analysis of Evidence
5. How to set up a computer forensics laboratory
6. How to retrieve data whether it is existing or deleted
7. Different processes for different devices
8. Investigating traffic on computer networks
9. Deleted files recovery

Cyber Forensic Investigator Course

Students have been searching for a professional course in IT Sector for cyber forensics. For them, Craw Singapore has offered the Best Cyber Forensics Investigator Course, in which they’ll learn about – 1. How to gather evidence against cybercriminals,
2. How to enhance your Network Security
3. Investigate the case deeper, & deal with legal issues.
4. Computer Security, & Malware.
5. Recovery of Data and Analyze the Situation.
6. Data Visualization & Analytics
7. Court testimony.

Moreover, the aspirants learn how network forensics, mobile device forensics, and advanced cyber forensics techniques work. With the latest techniques & tools, solving real-time cases becomes easy. The Cyber Forensics Sessions are designed to offer the best introduction to cyber forensics methods. But why should you and where should you join Cyber Forensics Courses in Singapore?

Cyber Forensics Investigation Course from Craw Singapore!

Several Institutes are offering Cyber Forensics Courses in Singapore for IT Aspirants. However, one of the reliable institutes for you would be Craw Singapore which has been offering the Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore for a long time in the IT Sector.

Moreover, we are offering the best learning environment under the guidance of professionally certified trainers that has experience working in the IT Sector for a long time. With that, one will be able to work in a lab under the supervision of experienced experts in cyber forensics.

Students wanted to join this course outside the nation can get in contact with Craw Singapore to join the Cyber Forensics Investigation Online Course. In the online sessions, students can schedule their classes at their convenience. That’s to learn the concepts comfortably.

Organizations need professionals as such to prevent further data loss. Moreover, after completing this course, one can clear the Cyber Forensics Investigation Exam. That’s to become a Certified Cyber Forensics Investigator.

After that, the certified professional can apply for various job profiles-
01. Cyber Forensics Analyst,
02. Digital Forensics Investigator,
03. Computer Forensics Examiner,
04. Network Forensics Analyst,
05. Cyber Security Forensics Specialist,
06. Incident Response Analyst,
07. Cybercrime Investigator,
08. Cyber Security Analyst,
09. Cybercrime Analyst, and
10. Cybersecurity Consultant.

Why Enroll in a Cyber Forensics Investigation Course?

If one wants to grow in the field of Cyber Forensics with clear path guidance, one can join the Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore. Once enrolled, understanding the fundamentals of Cyber Forensics Investigation wouldn’t be an issue.

Moreover, students will be able to understand the work of Advanced technical FTK tools knowledge.

Module 01 : Computer Forensics in today’s World
Module 02 : Computer Forensics Investigation Process
Module 03 : Hard-Disk and File-System
Module 04 : Data-Acquisition and Duplication
Module 05 : Defeating Anti-Forensics Techniques
Module 06 : Windows Forensics
Module 07 : Linux Forensics
Module 08 : Network Forensics
Module 09 : Web-Forensics
Module 10 : Dark web–Forensics
Module 11 : Cloud forensics
Module 12 : Email-Forensics
Module 13 : Malware Forensics
Module 14 : Mobile forensics
Module 15 : IOT forensics

Benefits of Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore

1. Acquiring varied technical expertise in penetration testing approaches and procedures.
2. Best-in-class cybersecurity career advancement.
3. Enhanced potential for financial gain in the IT sector.
4. Better critical thinking and problem-solving abilities.
5. Exposure to cutting-edge penetration testing methods and upcoming technology.
6. Primetime info to know how to find and exploit security holes in networks and computer systems.
7. Honing capability to do penetration testing more successfully and effectively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a cyber forensic investigator?

You can follow the below steps to become a professional forensic investigator:

1. One can go for the Best Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore offered by Craw Singapore.
2. Learn forensics techniques and the methods to use FTK Tools.
3. Clear the cyber forensics exam and get certified.
4. After that, you can apply for job profiles available for cyber forensics experts.
5. Get up to date with the latest news and trend.
6. Moreover, you can go for advanced courses.

What is cyber forensics course?

The Cyber Forensics Course is offered to train students with the following skillsets:

1. Investigation,
2. Analysis,
3. Identification of Digital Evidence.
4. Data recovery & Data Analyzing.
5. Network Security.

The objective of this course is to train students to become proficient in handling cyber attack incidents in a way that collecting evidence won’t become a hassle for them.

Is cyber forensics a good career?

Definitely! In Singapore, there’s a great demand for cyber forensics professionals to support organizations in finding evidence of crimes. IT Sector completely depends upon Information and Technology, where you’ll see a great increase in cyber attacks.

Such techniques are used in legal matters to resolve cyber attack cases faster. Moreover, every year you might see a huge number of cyber attackers, where without evidence, we could never prove anyone guilty of any crime.

So, cyber forensics would be one of the best options as a career. The government is also encouraging aspirants to choose the path to contribute to society. Do you want to become one of them?

How long does cyber forensics take?

That depends on whom you are getting in contact with for the course. However, if you get in contact with Craw Singapore, the duration for the Cyber Forensics Investigation Course in Singapore will be 40 Hours.

What is digital forensics and cyber security course in Singapore?

The Digital Forensics Course in Singapore helps students to become professional cyber forensics investigators who support organizations to find evidence related to the cyber incident that happened. With the help of various FTK Tools, they uncover the mystery of cyber attacks.

The Cyber Security Course in Singapore is offered to students to train them with the latest hacking techniques to fight against online threats. That is to enhance the cyber security measures available for the online protection of organizational databases.

What is forensics in cybersecurity?

It’s a collective process of various steps to solve the security incident investigation case:

1. Collecting the evidence,
2. Preserving the evidence,
3. Analyzing the evidence, and
4. Presenting it in support of a security incident investigation.

The main objectives behind all of that are to find possible evidence of crime from the crime scene. That will work in favor of legal proceedings in the court of law.

What is the scope of digital forensics?

It’s one of the essential parts of Singapore’s cyber security strategy to stop online crimes. Professionals in the IT Sector use digital forensics to analyze data and execute digital investigations to reduce business data security risks.

Law Officials use such techniques to solve cybercrimes and collect evidence from such cases. It’s like a supporter for the organization to fight against online crimes. As technology grows in Singapore, the need for professionals in digital forensics is also rising.

Thus, if you really want to start your career in digital forensics, you can start learning.

Modules : 15
Duration : 40 Hours
Level : Intermediate
Training Mode : Online/Classroom

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