Red Hat OpenStack Training In Singapore

Modules : 14
Duration: 40 Hours
Level : Expert

About this Course

The Red Hat OpenStack Training in Singapore introduces students to the training related to cloud-based servers & development techniques to offer services to organizations in need. As you know, the Linux Operating System is one of the smoothest working OS for the IT Sector.

Organizations use its Cloud Server to save their data online. However, to do that professionally, you must follow the experts’ way of performing the tasks without glitches. The Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification is a composed certification program for IT Professionals who want to test their skills in Linux OS Cloud Servers operations.

In these sessions, professionals learn about cloud computing formations under the guidance of experts in cloud computing with years of experience in the IT Sector. Want to know more about it? Let’s continue!


What Will You Learn In Redhat OpenStack Training?

The Red Hat OpenStack will train students with the following concepts.

1. Red Hat OpenStack Administration I – Core Operations for Cloud Operators: CL110
2. Red Hat OpenStack Administration II – Infrastructure Configuration for Cloud Administrators: CL210
3. Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview (CL010)

Red Hat Certified Architect | Red Hat OpenStack Training in Singapore

The Red Hat Certified Architects are responsible for the proper performance of Linux Enterprise, including cloud server services. Apart from that, they acquire the following attributes to perform tasks.

1. Cloud Creation,
2. Cloud Configuration, and
3. Cloud Management

All that is possible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Red Hat OpenStack Platform. Craw Security offers well-qualified trainers to train aspirants with the latest techniques, manuals, and tools introduced by Red Hat.
You can think of Craw Security as one of the Best Linux institutes in Singapore, offering Red Hat OpenStack Training under its premises. It has always been upfront about providing the best resources for the Red Hat Enterprise for the practice of Aspirants.
To become a professional system administrator, one can choose to join the Red Hat OpenStack Traning In Singapore. The Red Hat OpenStack Training In Pan Singapore is offered to IT Professionals with the latest Syllabus based on the in-demand knowledge & skills so far.
Red Hat Certifications introduced this certification so that practitioner could enhance their skills at handling cloud computing services with the latest tech & tools professionally. After the certification, one can work as a professional Linux System Administrator/ Linux System Engineer in several organizations.

Key Features Of Redhat OpenStack Training Course

01. Introduce launching an instance
02. Organize people and resources
03. Describe cloud computing
04. Manage Linux networks
05. Prepare to deploy an instance with public access
06. Deploy an instance
07. Manage block storage
08. Manage object storage
09. Prepare to deploy an external instance
10. Deploy an instance with public access
11. Customize instances
12. Deploy scalable stacks
13. Install an OpenStack overcloud

Red Hat OpenStack Administration II – Infrastructure Configuration for Cloud Administrators: CL210

These concepts teach a system administrator how to Install and Configure Cloud Computing conditions employing OpenStack with a lot of elements. There, the experience one will be able to professionally execute the following actions on Red Hat OpenStack Platform Foundation.

1. Configure,
2. Allocate, and
3. Control.
Red Hat OpenStack Training In Singapore based on Red Hat OpenStack Platform 13.0 and RHEL v9.0 will let you explore the following things in the course.

01. Navigate the Red Hat OpenStack
02. Platform architecture
03. Describe the OpenStack control plane
04. Integrate identity management
05. Perform image operations
06. Manage storage
07. Manage OpenStack networking
08. Manage to compute resources
09. Automate cloud applications
10. Troubleshoot OpenStack operations

Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview (CL010)

The Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview (CL010) is a set of prerecorded videos introduced by Red Hat Inc. to train students with the skills in Red Hat Enterprise with cloud computing fundamentals. All of the practices will be done on Red Hat® OpenStack® Platform. In this course, one can see many online presentations, also, a huge number of case studies. One can also find them within the currently provided syllabus. In Red Hat OpenStack Training In Singapore, one can be introduced to the following topics.

1. Cloud Computing,
2. Red Hat OpenStack Platform,
3. Compute, Storage, & Networks in Relation to the Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
4. High availability with Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and
5. Deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform.
Availability of this course is in several languages –

1. English (as well as closed-captioned for English),
2. Japanese,
3. French,
4. German,
5. Chinese,
6. Spanish,
7. Korean, and Italian.

Module 01 : Navigate the Red Hat OpenStack Platform architecture
Module 02 : Describe the OpenStack control plane
Module 03 : Integrate identity management
Module 04 : Perform image operations
Module 05 : Manage storage
Module 06 : Manage OpenStack networking
Module 07 : Manage to compute resources
Module 08 : Automate cloud applications
Module 09 : Troubleshoot OpenStack operations
Module 10 : Cloud computing
Module 11 : Red Hat OpenStack Platform
Module 12 : Compute, storage, and network in relation to the Red Hat OpenStack Platform
Module 13 : High availability with Red Hat OpenStack Platform
Module 14 : Deploying Red Hat OpenStack Platform

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Red Hat OpenStack?

It’s a cloud computing platform allowing firms to build & manage private and public clouds. Based on OpenStack (open-source software), this tech offers a framework for building & managing cloud interfaces.

A scalable, flexible, secure platform provides for installing & managing cloud services, including –

  1. Compute,
  2. Storage, and
  3. Networking Resources.
What is OpenStack used for?

It’s a cloud computing platform offering a framework for creating & managing cloud interfaces. Professionals commonly use this tech for various reasons other than creating & managing private & public clouds. Some of them include providing the organizations with the following facilities.

  1. Flexible
  2. Scalable, and
  3. Secure Platforms.

That is to install cloud services for organizations.

Is OpenStack IaaS or PaaS?

It is an IaaS Platform, aka Infrastructure as a Services Platform. Moreover, one will get a framework with it for building & managing cloud infrastructure, computing, and networking resources.

However, you won’t be able to install any app over it. That’s because it’s the main function of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) Platform. One way to do that is OpenStack also offers the infrastructure allowing users access to PaaS Platforms.

After that, firms can easily install & manage apps in a cloud environment.

Who uses OpenStack?

This tech is operated and preferred by various sectors, such as.

  1. Businesses Sector,
  2. Governments Sector,
  3. Education Sectors, and
  4. Service Sector.

Several reputed firms that use OpenStack are as follows.

  • AT&T,
  • Walmart,
  • Volkswagen,
  • CERN, and
  • NASA.
How does OpenStack different from AWS?


  1. An open-source platform that explains the source code is accessible to the public. Moreover, it can be used freely, modified, and shared.
  2. It can be installed on-premises, in the public cloud/ hybrid cloud. That offers firms flexibility & access to the cloud.
  3. It is customizable & can be configured as per the needs of the firms.
  4. Moreover, It’s usually considered cost-effective instead of AWS mostly.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) 

  1. It’s a proprietary platform regulated and accessed by Amazon.
  2. Moreover, it’s a public cloud platform that is in full access to Amazon’s data centers.
  3. It’s not customizable. That means no modifications can be made outside the authority.
  4. Moreover, it charges professionals for various reasons, including – the amount of data stored & the amount of computing power consumed.
Is AWS using OpenStack?

Definitely not! AWS doesn’t use OpenStack. It’s also a cloud-based platform owned by Amazon. There, OpenStack is an open-source platform that comes into the organization’s possession. AWS offers several cloud services, including

  1. Computing,
  2. Storage,
  3. Networking Resources,
  4. Tools & Platforms for Installing and Managing Apps in the Cloud.
What is the difference between Kubernetes and OpenStack?


  1. It’s focused on container orchestration that offers a platform for installing & managing containerized apps.
  2. Professionals use this tech on existing infrastructure, such as.
  • OpenStack/ Public Cloud Platform – AWS/ Google Cloud Platform.
  1. It has a vast community of developers & users who use the platform to help others.


  1. It offers a huge amount of services, such as – computing, storage, and networking resources.
  2. Moreover, it can build & manage private, public, or hybrid clouds.
  3. Professionals use Kubernetes for containerized apps and OpenStack for running virtual machines.
  4. It runs only on its own infrastructure services mainly.
  5. Has a huge community. However, mainly focused on infrastructure providers & service providers than on app developers.
Do I need OpenStack for OpenShift?

No! There’s no need for OpenStack for OpenShift. However, can be used together. Kubernetes is an open-source that gives space for the OpenShits (container app platform), which is developed by Red Hat to be on itself.

However, if you want to learn professionally, you can join the Red Hat OpenStack Training In Singapore offered by Craw Security. Professionals provided by Craw Security will let you understand the fundamentals of OpenStack. What are you waiting for? Contact now!

Modules : 14
Duration : 40 Hours
Level : Expert
Training Mode : Online/Classroom

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