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Security Operations Center (SOC) Service

Why do you think that cyber security is needed for all organizations? Well, there are no adequate reasons to say why an organization demands cyber security. Reasons could be because of online theft, online malware sharing, and malicious attacks by cyber actors.

Organizations connected to the internet are established with the help of online platforms such as websites and online applications. On those platforms, organizations are not entirely safe. They are surrounded by several online hackers/ adversaries who want to hack the network, system, and devices connected to those platforms.

Then, who could protect against such threats online? For that, you can rely on IT security professionals that are responsible for organizations’ entire IT infrastructure.

What Is A Security Operations Center (SOC)?

Organizations need more secure management systems nowadays, and they need professionals to deal with those things. Why do they need that much security? That’s because online platforms are surrounded by a big crowd of adversaries.

These adversaries are professionals in finding loopholes in the system of the organizations. After finding them, these unethical practitioners try to share malicious content over the platforms from which the users of the organizational applications get into the traps set by the adversaries and lose confidential information related to them.

But how does the security operation center service help in this situation? There are several levels at which SOC helps organizations fight against online security threats. Let’s read about them in the next lines.

Types Of Security Operations Center

  • SOC 1

SOC is focused on financial reporting of the organization, which is a load of crucial information and needs security measures to outcast cyberattacks to get in manipulating the data.

  • SOC 2

There you’ll see SOC focusing on compliance and daily operations of the firm.

  • SOC 3

It’s the common one of them. SOC 3 is a kind of SOC 2, containing similar data to SOC 2. However, it’s available to the public rather than a specific target/ person.

More Information On SOC

1. Security Operations Center as a service (“outsourced” SOC)

It is a team of IT professionals working on various parts and steps of cybersecurity against the same target. They are responsible for the following duties:

  • Detection
  • Prevention
  • Investigation
  • Responding to cyber threats

2. Co-managed SOC/ “hybrid” SOC

A company does have its SIEM in a co-managed SOC. They hire professionals to do the following works

  • Tuning
  • UpKeep
  • Analyzation
  • Response


For optimal network performance, a network operations center is responsible. Whereas to identify, investigate, and resolve cyberattack issues and content Security Operations Center is needed. Both are important in their respected and needed placements.

4. Dedicated SOC

Dedicate SOC means a team whose members are selected for a specific purpose for a pre-decided organizational infrastructure. That is wholly focused on security measures enhancement. Several factors make advancements in the need for security implementations. Some of them are as follows:

  • Organization’s Size
  • Risks its takes
  • Security Needed

5. Command SOC

According to sources, that is a global SOC that consists of multiple dedicated SOCs working while cooperating. Command SOC could be working on specific sites based on certain tasks such as:

  • Forensics
  • Cybersecurity Research
  • Threat Intelligence

Benefits Of Operation Center Service SOC-As-A-Service

  • Improved Security Staffing
  • Access to Specialized Security Expertise
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Increased Security Maturity
  • Up-to-Date Security

Challenges Of Security Operations Center SOC-As-A-Service

  • Onboarding Process

Well, managing data and security isn’t as easy as people see it. You might get suggestions on your social media accounts that use strong passwords, or you lock your profiles with integrity. However, these aren’t enough to secure your data from cybercriminals.

An entire data-sharing agreement is made with the vendor who offers superior security while mixing data and security regulations could increase operational costs.

  • Enterprise Data Security

A firm offering SOC provider that offers managed SOC services gets raw logs via the company for observing and analysis. These logs are an essential source of data for analysts. The situation will create regulations and confidentiality issues now that the company is dependent. That’s because the firm can’t share logs that breach sensitive data related to:

  • Network
  • Endpoints
  • Cloud
  • Cost of Log Delivery

IT infrastructures are complex, where sectors’ diversity and the company’s headcount will have a materialistic result on the SOC Analysis’s Log Count. It doesn’t matter if it spans to mobile and cloud sectors.

Log Count will increase the infrastructure’s cost, scalability, and security costs as usual because of event per second (EPS), count of secured assets, or the type of SOC services/ packages.

  • Regulatory Considerations

Companies depend on SOC providers because they take care of all security needs related to organizational data. Here, companies’ data is no anymore saved on companies’ databases. Therefore, control of that data is in the hands of the SOC provider. It’s risky to put your sensitive data under an unauthorized personnel’s command. That is why rules and regulations are set among SOC and organizations.


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Frequently Asked Questions

About Security Operations Center Service in Singapore

Several things are included in Security Operations Center, which are needed for organizations to perform security operations. Those things are as follows:
Detection of cyber threats
Prevention of confidentiality
Monitoring of data collected
Analyzation of security measures
Investigation of malicious activities
Responding to cyber threats

The Security Operations Center's purpose is to enhance the organizations' security measures to fight against online threats strong enough to exploit the vulnerabilities in the network and systems.
The team providing these services is self-sufficient to acknowledge the potential threats that could be dangerous if it enters the organizations’ databases. Where could you get the best Security Operations Center Service Provider? For that, you can depend on Craw Security.
That’s because Craw Security has been offering Security Operations Center Services to several organizations for a long time. What are you waiting for? Contact Now!

Security Operations Center is responsible for analyzing the impact of the already happened incidents and trying to improve security measures for the organizations. Whereas Cyber Security is more preventative and asks for several implementations and changes in the organization's security measures so that the attacker's attack won’t even be able to get into the defensive layers of the organization’s database.

Where NOC is responsible for corporate infrastructure’s sustainability so that the company’s daily business operations can be executed efficiently, SOC takes responsibility for the organization’s security measures so the adversaries won’t be able to get into the organizations' databases.

Security can be provided offline, and security can be provided online. However, if we talk about online protection, we need professional security analysts. There are two ways you can judge the security infrastructure of an organization.
First, you need to make sure that organizations should prepare a security infrastructure that should implement new security measures every time there is a new security flaw in the system/ network.
Second, even if someone has already breached your database, you should never let them take anything from it and run away like that. The second one is related to the SOC, as it offers solutions after the event of a cyber-attack happens on the devices. That’s for a more protective infrastructure of an organization.

It is a command center facility for an IT Team with expertise in providing security against cyber threats due to adversaries trying to hack databases online.

SOC's working structure enrolls everything that consists of the prevention of organizational data. Following are the things that will be under the need of SOC working structure:
Threat Prevention
Security Infrastructure Design
Incident Detection

There are 3 types of SOC reports:

SEIM supports organizations in efficiently collecting and analyzing information related to logs via all digital assets at once. It allows them to recreate past events/ analyze new once to observe malicious activity. Also, it helps in installing more security measures.
That is to offer a more secure working environment. There, SOC helps in analyzing the cyberattack events that happened. After analysis, it cleared the scenario where the security measures were lacking. Then the cyber security experts help in enhancing the security with various implementations.

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