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Spear Phishing Attack Service

What do we understand by Spear Phishing?  How do enterprises deal with the deadly explosives that their enemies use to target a large number of people?  In this regard, several businesses usually keep their data private within the company since a compromise of any of the organization’s data could result in data loss.  What if they were duped by a rival who pretended to be a representative of their company? 

That’s doable.  The use of gift cards in harmful activities against unwary persons by adversaries has increased.  Scams involving bonuses and many other things.  What is this application that copies and cheats? 

What is a Spear Phishing Attack?

We are referring to Spear Phishing Attacks, which are copying and cheating tactics used by a number of modern cybercriminals.   In this attack, the intruder sends a message to the target employee and attempts to pose as an authorized executive from a higher department who wants to give the employee some formal assignment involving financial transactions. 

Since they are preoccupied with a session and attempting to hide something with the trade, they attempt to get the employee to complete responsibilities on their behalf.  Employees usually complete the work since the email appears to be official and real from a higher-up.  There, the target is caught in the trap, and the intruder wins the game. 

Money is transferred to a fake account, and the campaign’s objective is met.  Does Spear Phishing Attack, however, have a connection to Phishing?  Let’s keep continuing. 

What is the difference between a Phishing and Spear Phishing Attack?

By the way, in a certain sense, they are comparable, although there is a small difference between the two. 

An intrusive attack that is directed at a large group and has the capacity to do significant harm is known as a phishing attack.  People are deceived and taken full advantage of by numerous threat actors through spam emails and fraudulent Amazon gift cards. 

Spear phishing attacks, on the other hand, are directed at a specific person or group of people in an effort to trick them into providing access to a particular type of data that only they are capable of providing.  Exploiting the system and credentials will be simple once access to such data has been gained. 

Types of Phishing Attacks

There are various phishing attacks kinds.  However, three of them, though, are as follows: 

  • Spear Phishing Attack 
  • Whaling Phishing Attack 
  • Email Phishing Attack

Necessary Factors for Successful Spear Phishing Attack:

  1. Each spear phishing email appears legitimate. 
  2. Phishing Emails Address Each Targeted Victim Individually. 
  3. Attacks From Spear Phishing Take Place Over Time. 
  4. Phishing Using Spears Uses Zero-Day Exploits. 
  5. Corporate victims frequently lack the necessary tools. 
  6. Businesses Don’t Have or Apply a Computer Use Policy. 
  7. Workers Lack Knowledge of Hazards Associated with Phishing. 
  8. Businesses lack Spear Phishing-specific anti-phishing platforms.

The Function of Spear-Phishing:

The goal of a spear phishing attack is often to acquire specific information concerning a particular person within a company.  They achieve this by pretending to be a high-ranking official who may be involved in private business dealings.  Moreover, some actions must be completed in order to access the victim’s data. 

Steps of Spear-Phishing Attack

  • Reviewed and identified targets. 
  • A bogus email was sent. 
  • Leaked user info due to a backdoor. 
  • Collected and encrypted stolen data. 
  • Transfer of leaked data to the adversary. 

Prevention of the Spear-Phishing attack

  1. Screen your email and deploy anti-phishing measures in place. 
  2. Update your devices with the most recent security fixes. 
  3. Secure any private business data you possess. 
  4. Conduct a number of different factors. 
  5. Use DMARC Technology and Perform Regular Backups. 
  6. Provide staff with training on email security. 
  7. Watch out for Speculative Emails. 

How could you trust Craw Security?

Craw Security has been a leader in the data security sector for many years and educates those seeking careers in cyber security.  Businesses that are having trouble comprehending the effects of spear phishing attacks can request the services of Craw Security, which provides spear phishing attack services in Singapore.  With them, you can receive direction from knowledgeable trainers that are equipped with the most recent methods and equipment in the business. 


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We provide comprehensive and secure VAPT services to identify and mitigate security threats.

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Why Choose Craw Cyber Security

Cyber Security Course is a program that provides training and certification in the field of cyber security. VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, a service that helps to identify, analyze and mitigate security risks in an IT environment.

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Cyber Security Course

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Website VAPT Services

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Network VAPT Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Spear Phishing Attack Service in Singapore

A spear-phishing attack is one that targets a specific person or group by mimicking a well-known figure with a well-known brand name in the industry.  In addition, the malicious actor sends an email requesting approval from the target's side in order to gain access to all of the target's data once they have identified a particular target that appears to be somewhat unprepared to recognize the purpose of a phishing email. 

Some examples of Spear Phishing Attacks are mentioned below: 

  • Fake Websites 
  • CEO Fraud 
  • Malware 
  • Smishing 
  • Vishing 

A spear-phishing attack is a targeted operation on a particular person or group in order to obtain a certain type of data for the enemies' data collection.  In contrast, most phishing efforts target a large number of people in order to capture the data they are carrying. 

The mainstream 3 types of spear phishing emails are mentioned below: 

  1. The gift card request 
  2. The wire transfer request 
  3. The initial contact 

Spear phishing emails are referred to be one of the most harmful cyberattacks carried out by cyber adversaries worldwide.   In order to carry out this assault, an adversary must send an email pretending to be a company executive.  After then, they should request the transfer of a sum designated as "n" as official operational funds.  The transaction will be effective, and the opponent will have an advantage over the victim if the victim agrees to transfer the money. 

Phishing is a particular type of cyber attack implemented when the attacker sends emails to a wide number of people in an attempt to induce them to participate in a behavior that might direct them to a bait that has been set up specifically for them.   Following the email's instructions leads victims down a path from which there is no turning back and which only leads to financial loss for the victims.  There are numerous ways to stop phishing assaults.  Two of them, nevertheless, are as follows: 

  • Anti-Phishing Protection 
  • Anti-Spam Software 

When you leave your desk, you must always lock your laptop or computer.  For a basic layer of defense, security software and antivirus defense are required.  Computer security, network architecture, as well as other assets should always be analyzed.  Some of the techniques you can use to protect your networks include conducting and always updating your understanding of online security. 

Phishing attacks usually target demographics of individuals with the goal of collecting their data in order to steal money from the victims.   If someone follows the directions in the fraudulent email and wraps up all the duties, they risk becoming a victim and losing a sizable sum of money or data.  

Some examples of phishing emails are mentioned below: 

  • The Fake Invoice Scam 
  • Email Account Upgrade Scam 
  • Advance-fee Scam 
  • Google Docs Scam 
  • PayPal Scam 
  • Message from HR Scam 
  • Dropbox Scam 

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