Best CCNP Training in Singapore | CCNP 350-401 Certification Course

Modules : 32
Duration: 40 Hours
Level : Basic

CISCO CCNP Course in Singapore | CCNP Training in Singapore

Understanding the fundamentals of the best networking course under the primetime guidance of highly qualified training instructors with years of prominent experience preparing learners with the best of their self-evolved methodologies. In this regard, a highly advanced networking CISCO CCNP 350-401 Training in Singapore by Craw Security – the Best CISCO Training Institute in Singapore. Moreover, a professional networking expert can learn beneficial advanced networking fundamentals in this course, such as Routers, Switches, Firewalls, and IPs, as well as choosing, deploying, supporting, and troubleshooting Firewalls, a substantial boost in cybercrime attacks.


Job-Oriented CCNP 350-401 Training

There are higher chances to get placed in any MNC or any other local company once you successfully finish this highly job-oriented CCNP 350-401 Training in Singapore under the primetime supervision and guidance of superb training instructors sharing their genuine expertise with their students. Moreover, one will grab the title of CISCO Certified Specialist – Security Core after passing out the CCNP 350-401 Certification, which will automatically open many doors of world-class networking jobs for you in the global market. Furthermore, Craw Security – the Best CISCO CCNP Course in Singapore provides “100% Job Assistance” that could be very helpful for all the learners to grab their maiden networking jobs in the worldwide market.

Time Saver Curriculum in Best CCNP Training Institute in Singapore

Craw Security is highly inclined to offer first-class training with the help of an authentic curriculum that is suitable for offering crucial fundamental knowledge with a systematic approach that is immensely beneficial for learners. In this regard, CISCO CCNP 350-401 Course is greatly curated to offer all the fundamental concepts dedicated to imparting advanced knowledge related to networking essentials. Moreover, if you are considering enrolling in this internationally acclaimed Best CISCO CCNP 350-401 Course in Singapore under the most successful mentorship program, choose Craw Security today!

Learning Experience in Best CCNP Training Institute in Singapore

With continuous efforts in the fields of cyber security, networking, and Linux Essentials, Craw Security has become one of the high favorites among learners that are thinking of opting new learning partner for themselves. Hence, along with the creation of a benchmark networking institute in the country, Craw Security has proven itself as one of the Best CCNP Training Institutes in Singapore, which is also a prime partner of CISCO Technologies to offer its course at competitive prices.
Furthermore, our highly trained and experienced mentorship with the help of fully expert network engineers as trainers and mentors are offered with a primetime understanding of all CISCO CCNP 350-401 Training fundamentals. Once learners gather this crucial knowledge related to CISCO CCNP Course in Singapore, there are great chances that they will secure decent designations as Networking professionals in their future jobs in MNCs and local companies of distinguished niches.

Module 01 : PPP: Point to Point Protocol
Module 02 : PPP Negotiation packets
Module 03 :CEF (cisco express forwording)
Module 04 : IP addressing version 4, Subnetting and VLSM
Module 05 : EIGRP
Module 06 : RTP: Reliable Transport Protocol
Module 07 : Route Filtering
Module 08 : IP SLA (IP Service level agreement)
Module 09 : Named mode EIGRP
Module 10 : OSPF Open Shortest Path First
Module 11 : OSPF Neighborship States
Module 12 : LSA: Link State Advertisement
Module 13 : Route Filtering
Module 14 : Summarization
Module 15 : OSPF Network types
Module 16 : Point to multipoint
Module 17 : Loopback
Module 18 : BGP: Border Gateway Protocol
Module 19 : Types of massage in BGP
Module 20 : loop avoidance Mechanism in BGP
Module 21 : Connected check rule for EBGP
Module 22 : IPv6 addressing
Module 23 : GRE: Generic router encapsulation
Module 24 : Switching
Module 25 : VLAN virtual local area network
Module 26 : Switchport
Module 27 : Native VLAN
Module 28 : EtherChannel
Module 29 : STP Spanning Tree Protocol
Module 30 : MLS multi-layer switching
Module 31 : Gateway high availability
Module 32 : AAA Authentication, Authorization, Accounting

Key Features Of CCNP 350-401 Training In Singapore

1. Apply Distinguished Unsupervised
2. Learning Tactics on Real-Time Information.
3. Grasping The Variation Between Machine
Learning & Statistical Data Analysis.
4. How Python Mail Sending Program works in data science.
5. Basic Neural Networks & Deep Learning Algorithms
6. Python Conditional Statements
7. Python with Data Science
8. Comparisons of Python with Other Languages

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCNP course?
The acronym CCNP stands for Cisco Certified Network Professional certification, which is basically a networking certification from the house of CISCO Technologies offering its genuine advanced CCNP 350-401 Training in Singapore by Craw Security under the influence of premier networking professionals as trainers and mentors. Hence, enroll today in the upcoming batches of Craw Security for the Best CISCO CCNP Course in Singapore.
How many exams is CCNP?

The CCNP 350-401 Training Course mainly includes 3 significant exams mentioned below:

1. 300-101 ROUTE Implementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)
2. 300-115 SWITCH Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks (SWITCH)
3. 300-135 TSHOOT Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks (TSHOOT)

Which CCNP course is best?

The CCNP 350-401 Training and Certification in Singapore from Craw Security under the highly authentic mentorship program facilitated by well-qualified and experienced trainers is the best you can choose.

Is CCNP harder than CCNA?

It is sure-shortly correct that CCNP is pretty much more challenging than CCNA as CCNP is an advanced level course, whereas CCNA is an entry-level course in the networking domain for the person willing to go in this expertise.

Does CCNP expire?

Yes, all CISCO Certifications expire after every 3 years of the period. However, every CCNP Certified professional has to undergo a recertification exam after the period of 3 years to recertify oneself in the same certification.

Modules : 20
Duration : 40 Hours
Level : Basic
Training Mode : Online/Classroom

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