Basic Networking Course in Singapore

You can master the art of networking and advance your career with the best networking course that teaches you the tactics and techniques for developing worthwhile connections. 

Modules : 23
Duration: 40 Hours
Level : Basic

Basic Networking Course in Singapore

Networking is one of the most popular career options that an IT Professional can choose to skill up their skills and knowledge. However, starting a career in networking isn’t that easy. For that, one needs professional guidance from experts in the field of networking.

That is to support organizations’ networks that are taking care of data transfer and communication among the users. The professionals use several techniques to secure networks against online threats. If you want to start your career in Networking, you can join the Basic Networking Course in Singapore offered by Craw Singapore for IT Professionals.

This course covers networking fundamentals, such as
01. Networking Concepts & Tools
02. LAN & WAN
03. Topologies, and
04. Protocols

During the sessions, students will be able to learn how to perform the following tasks to secure networks and data.
01. Configuration,
02. Troubleshooting,
03. Maintaining Networks,
04. Network Optimization,
05. Network Monitoring,
06. Network Management, and
07. Network Virtualization

Network Management is a task that needs to be perfectly done to protect data from unauthorized access. The Basic Networking Course in Singapore is an entry-level certification course for the beginner in networking. Learning under Craw Singapore Professionals would be a great idea, that’s because Craw Singapore has been offering Cyber Security Courses in Singapore for students of IT and Cyber Security for a long time. Moreover, you’ll have professional trainers to train you to become an expert in networking.

IT Networking Courses

Following are some of the amazing concepts that you’ll be learning in this course:
01. Fundamentals of Networking & Defence Techniques,
02. Implementing Network Security Controls & Protocols,
03. Designing & Implementing Network Security Policies,
04. VPN Security,
05. File System Encryption & Firewall Implementation,
06. Network Security Threats & Vulnerabilities,
07. Monitoring & Analysing Network Traffic, and
08. Network Risks & Network Incident Response

IT Networking Courses in Singapore

Several networking courses are available in the market offered by several institutes. However, if you want the best IT Networking Course, you can contact Craw Singapore. Under the premises of Craw Singapore, one will be able to work on several networking tools and techniques to secure organizational networks. Join the Basic Networking Course in Singapore, one of the Top Networking Basics Courses in Singapore, and start your networking career now. Well-qualified, experienced trainers will teach you how networks depend on security professionals for flawless performance. This will be the best networking course for beginners. Join now!

Why Basic Networking Course from Craw Security !

Craw Singapore offers a Basic Networking Course in Singapore for networking aspirants from a long time in the IT Industry. Here, the students get the best learning environment under the guidance of experienced professional trainers who has experience working in the networking domain. Moreover, you’ll get to work with the latest networking tools for enhancing network security. Moreover, you can ask for online sessions by contacting Craw Singapore, which offers you the right to schedule your own sessions according to your convenience. Thus, even though you are living outside Singapore, you’ll be able to join this course with ease.

Why Enroll for Basic Networking Course ?

The Basic Networking Course in Singapore 2023 is an entry-level certification course that offers you the fundamental knowledge related to networking with the latest techniques & tools to secure them. Under the guidance of professional networking experts, one will be able to learn how to configure, install, maintain, and manage network security protocols.

This course will train the students to become professionals in maintaining network security issues in real-life situations. Craw Singapore offers Lab Practical sessions that clear the thought process of the practitioners about the importance of networking techniques to maintain the daily operations of organizations. After the completion of this course, one can apply for various networking job profiles, such as
1. Network Administrator,
2. Network Engineer,
3. Network Architect,
4. Network Analyst, and
5. Network Security Specialist

Module 01 : Computer Networking
Module 02 : Introduction To Networking
Module 03 : Ipv4 And Ipv6
Module 04 : Subnet Mask, Cidr, And Subnetting
Module 05 : VLSM, Wild Card, Summarization
Module 06 : OSI Model
Module 07 : TCP/IP Model
Module 08 : Network Devices, Cabling, Packet Tracer
Module 09 : ARP and ICMP
Module 10 : Packet Flow
Module 11 : Routing – Static And Dynamic
Module 12 : Static Routing – Next Hop Ip And Exit Interface
Module 13 : Dynamic – RIP
Module 14 : EIGRP
Module 15 : OSPF
Module 16 : Redistribution
Module 17 : Remote Services ( Telnet And SSH )
Module 18 : DHCP
Module 19 : ACL
Module 20 : Switching
Module 21 : L2 Protocols – CDP, VLAN, STP, DTP, VTP
Module 22 : Ether-Channel
Module 23 : Port Security

Benefits of Basic Networking Course in Singapore

01. Learn about computer networks
02. Develop essential IT skills
03. Improve problem-solving abilities
04. Enhance communication skills
05. Increase employability
06. Prepare for advanced networking certifications
07. Understand network security and threats
08. Gain knowledge of cloud computing and virtualization.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which course is best in basic networking?

If you want to join the best course for networking as a beginner, you can join the Basic Networking Course in Singapore 2023, offered by Craw Singapore. This course will introduce networking concepts for IT Professionals with the latest techniques and tools going to be used in the protection of networks from unauthorized access/ online threats.

This certificate is valid in various countries, so you don’t need to worry about job placements anymore. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

How do I become a network engineer with no experience ?

You can follow the following steps to become a non-experienced network engineer.
1. You should start learning about networking from various sources, such as online courses, seminars, and certifications available in the Industry.
2. Once got certified with the certification, build a portfolio of your work experience. In your portfolio, things as follows should be mentioned.
a. Project Completed,
b. Certifications, and
c. Other Skillsets.
1. Start collaborating with networking groups, attend industry events, and connect with networking professionals to gain more knowledge.
2. Then, you can start working as an intern in any company offering networking job placements.
3. Gain experience and apply for the expected job profiles.

Is networking in demand ?

Of Course, Networking skills are in high demand. As organizations increase the use of digital networks to perform daily tasks on online stores & databases, the demand for networking skills rises with it.

Organizations need such skills for designing, managing, and maintaining networks with utmost security & efficiency.

Who can do networking course?

There are no prerequisites for joining the Basic Networking Course in Singapore 2023. Anyone who has a keen interest in learning skills & knowledge related to networking can go for this course by contacting Craw Singapore.

IT Professionals & Networking Administrators who want to enhance their skills in networking. However, if you have a basic understanding of PC & networks, learning networking concepts would be easy.

What courses to do for networking?

If you want to become a networking professional and want to rely on a reliable network, you can contact Craw Singapore, which has been offering the Best Basic Networking Course in Singapore 2023 for IT Aspirants.

Under professional networking experts, you’ll be able to follow your career path with ease. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

Which country is best for networking jobs?

There is no definite answer to this question. That’s because it depends on the individual’s skills & qualifications. In countries where tech industries have a strong foot in the market, they will have more networking job opportunities for professionals.

Such countries include – the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Singapore. However, countries growing alongside, such as India, would be a great option for networking jobs.

What is a network engineer salary?

In Singapore, on average, a networking professional earns around SGD 50,838/ Annum. However, according to your working experience, your salary package can rise from SGD 33,955 – SGD 73,039.

What should I study for network engineer?

For that, you can start learning several topics, such as
1. Computer Networking,
2. Network Architecture,
3. Routing Protocols,
4. Network Security,
5. Virtualization,
6. Switching,
7. Firewalls, and
8. Cloud Computing.
Or you can join the Basic Networking Course in Singapore 2023 offered by Craw Singapore. This course will introduce you to networking fundamentals with the topics such as
1. Network & Systems Administration,
2. Network Design & Installation,
3. Troubleshooting & Problem Solving, and

What should I do after networking course?

There are several things that you can do after completing the networking course. You can go for advanced networking courses to skill up in the networking field. This will give you exposure to how professionals work in the networking sector with the latest techniques and tools to secure networks from online threats.
This will help you to get more skilled and let you several opportunities of getting job placements at high salary packages. Joining a company as an intern would be a great option. You can apply for job profiles, such as
1. Network Engineer,
2. Security Analyst, or
3. System Administrator.

Modules : 23
Duration : 40 Hours
Level : Basic
Training Mode : Online/Classroom

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