What Is the CompTIA A+ Certification? | A Certification to Start Your IT Career [Updated 2024]

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What Is the CompTIA A+ Certification? | A Certification to Start Your IT Career [Updated 2024]

Many IT occupations require CompTIA A+ certification, which is regarded as a core credential in the industry.  As a result, earning a CompTIA A+ certification can be a necessary foundational step for progressing in your intended job.  Learn more about CompTIA A+ certification in this article, including who should obtain it and its significance.

CompTIA A+ 1001-1002 Course Overview

All entry-level and potential IT workers can confirm their abilities and expertise in the IT field by taking the CompTIA A+ certification training course.  The certification program is designed to help students fully comprehend the hardware and software technologies they will be using to support a variety of IT infrastructures.  Businesses frequently use this certification as a benchmark and confirmation of a candidate’s abilities.  In addition, candidates must pass both of the certification exams in order to get the CompTIA A+ Certification.

Course Prerequisites

The training program for the CompTIA A+ certification is targeted toward beginners.  Anyone with a basic understanding of computers can submit an application for this certification.  For this CompTIA A+ certification course, there are no special prerequisites, and eligibility is not based on any recommended prior study or employment.

However, a person with a basic 10th-class passed certificate from any recognized board from anywhere in the world can apply for this course.

CompTIA A+ Certification Training

The fundamentals of software and hardware innovations are covered in this entry-level certification training course.  After successfully completing this certificate program, candidates receive recognition on a global scale.  They gain greater knowledge about the fundamental abilities necessary for their employment, like network and application security to assist IT, troubleshooting, and the configuration of various operating systems like Windows and Linux, among others.

The focus of the course is on enabling fundamental IT infrastructures with hardware, software, and applications.  Applicants for this CompTIA A+ Certification Training also learn about change management, scripting, and documentation best practices.  In addition, the course also covers a variety of different data management techniques in addition to basic data backup and recovery.

Many of the abilities individuals must possess in order to pass their exams are validated by the certification.  A few of the subjects covered in the CompTIA A+ Certification Training Course include various elements of hardware identification and connections, understanding of operating systems, knowledge of various networks and networking concepts, troubleshooting of device and network issues, network security evaluation and safeguarding against weaknesses, cloud computing, and more.

Reasons to Choose CompTIA A+ Certification Training from Craw Security

  • Training for the well-known CompTIA A+ certification is provided in live online and instructor-led classroom settings.
  • Purchase CompTIA A+ study guides and sample tests to help you with your preparation.
  • Training for the CompTIA A+ certification is given through Craw Security as a preferred CompTIA Authorized Training.
  • To pass your CompTIA A+ certification exam, use qualified teachers and special resources from CompTIA.
  • You have the choice of taking your training sessions during 8-hour and 4-hour time intervals.
  • Obtain specialized training choices for organizations and groups based on their specific educational requirements.
  • Please provide me the option of 1-on-1 instruction and the fly-me-a-trainer service for personalized attention.
  • Engage in the CompTIA A+ training with students from all over the world.

Key Features of CompTIA A+ Plus Training Course

  • CompTIA A+ Certification Training with an instructor.
  • To start preparing, get connected to a CompTIA A+ course preview.
  • Worldwide educators certified in CompTIA.
  • SMEs created approved CompTIA A+ course materials.
  • Obtain important CompTIA materials from Craw Security and CompTIA.
  • CompTIA A+ certification Sample exams to help you study for your certification test.
  • A certificate of course completion recognized by the industry is offered.
  • Utilize Craw Security’s classroom training options for one-to-one mentorship.
  • Training is offered in more than 100 sites worldwide through the VILT methodology.

Target Audience

There are numerous employment types that can profit from the CompTIA A+ Certification Training Course because it is designed for entry-level candidates in the IT profession, including the following:

  • College students studying computer science
  • Aspiring IT and computer professionals
  • Customer Service Analysts
  • Technicians supporting data
  • Computing specialists
  • Specialists in technical support
  • System Support Professionals
  • Network engineers in training
  • Help desk personnel
  • Administrators of desktop support
  • Technicians in Field Services
  • Any person who seeks to learn more about the fundamentals of network security, data management, and operating systems

Learning Objectives

The following are the learning goals of the course for the CompTIA A+ Certification Training:

  1. The certification acknowledges that CompTIA A+ workers who hold it are skilled at comprehending the fundamentals of computer and mobile security, networking, hardware, and software.
  2. Additionally, they may set up mobile and desktop devices and applications, comprehend the many networked elements of a company’s operating systems, and provide support as needed.
  3. Individuals will also be proficient in data backup and recovery procedures, as well as best practices for data management.
  4. They are familiar with the procedures and best practices for maximizing network and device safety.
  5. Additionally, the certificate holders are adept in managing, configuring, and setting up a variety of operating systems, including iOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, and more.

CompTIA A+ Exam Format

Exam Name CompTIA A+ 220-1001 (Core 1) and 220-1002 (Core 2)
Exam Cost USD 226
Exam Format MCQ, Performance-Based Evaluation
Total Questions 90 Questions Per Exam
Passing Score 220-1001: 675 (on a scale of 100-900)

220-1002: 700 (on a scale of 100-900)

Exam Duration 90 Minutes Per Exam
Languages English, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Thai, and Spanish
Testing Center Pearson Vue, Testing Centers, and Online Testing Options are available

Benefits of Getting A CompTIA A+ Certification

There can be several benefits that can be recorded of getting a CompTIA A+ Certification, such as the following:

  • You can demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency in managing both the hardware and software elements of an organization’s IT assets by earning a CompTIA A+ certification.
  • Obtain CompTIA A+ certification to demonstrate your proficiency in efficiently managing IT services and to meet an industry benchmark.
  • One may operate anywhere, from any location, and for any type of business due to the vendor-neutral nature of CompTIA credentials.
  • With the CompTIA A+ Certification, you may exponentially increase your compensation because it is one of the most renowned and well-known certifications among employers and recruiters worldwide.
  • Gain more job responsibilities and a better work-life balance by effectively accomplishing essential IT tasks in accordance with criteria.

Salary Prospects of A CompTIA A+ Certified Professional

The CompTIA A+ Certification is very well-liked by professionals all around the world.  Worldwide demand for CompTIA certification credentials is high, not just for the A+ Certification but for almost all CompTIA Certifications.

However, by examining the average earnings for people with CompTIA A+ Certification in Singapore, we noted as per the 2021 cutoff, it is around SGD 30,000 to SGD 60,000 per year.

Job Prospects for CompTIA A+ Certified Professionals

There is a high demand for individuals who hold CompTIA certifications worldwide.  Especially those with CompTIA A+ certifications who are newcomers to an IT organization.  With a CompTIA A+ Certification, you get access to a range of employment opportunities.

In addition, the following list includes some prospective job titles and sectors where you can look into opportunities:

  • Help Desk Technician,
  • Desktop Support Technician,
  • Technical Support Specialist,
  • Field Service Technician,
  • IT Support Specialist, and many more.


1: How much does the CompTIA A+ certification cost?‎

A person has to pay around US$ 226 per exam as certification cost for this amazing CompTIA A+ Certification Cost.

2: Where can I take the certification exam?‎

A person longing to appear in the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam can give it to Pearson Vue Testing Centers.  Moreover, the option for giving Online Testing is also available.

3: How long will it take to get CompTIA A+ certified?‎

You should be ready to take the exams in three to five months if you devote around 10 to 15 hours a week of study time.  In addition, you may also come to Craw Security, the Best CompTIA Training Center in Singapore, to seek CompTIA A+ Certification Training from a verified and credible mentor having years of quality practice.

4: Is the CompTIA A+ worth taking?‎

Yes, it is one of the prestigious cybersecurity education for taking cybersecurity training from a verified and credible resource.

5: How long is the CompTIA A+ certification good for?

The CompTIA A+ Certification does not expire.  Hence, it is valid for a lifetime once you obtain it from a verified and accredited training institute like Craw Security.

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