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Top 10 Cyber Security Startups and Companies in Singapore [2024 Updated]


The issue of cybersecurity has become a matter of utmost importance for companies and governments worldwide.  Singapore, with its highly developed digital infrastructure, is no different in this regard.  The city-state has become a center for cybersecurity innovation, especially due to its advanced technology and favorable economic conditions.  Several entrepreneurs and corporations are making substantial progress in the ever-changing field, enhancing the strength of cybersecurity solutions worldwide.

Best Cyber Security Startups and Companies in Singapore

Numerous cyber security companies are in the vicinity of Singapore that deliver authentic cyber security solutions to individuals and organizations hailing from diverse industries and niches.  Here is a detailed list of some of the best cyber security companies in Singapore:

Craw Security

Craw Security is a company that focuses on offering cybersecurity solutions, such as penetration testing, cybersecurity audits, and advisory services. Renowned for their proficiency in detecting vulnerabilities and safeguarding systems against potential cyber hazards, they are a reliable ally for firms seeking to strengthen their digital safeguards.


IOTsploit is dedicated to ensuring the security of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The company provides solutions to safeguard IoT systems from vulnerabilities and threats, guaranteeing the security and reliability of networked devices and systems. Their services are important in the contemporary environment, where IoT gadgets are progressively employed throughout diverse sectors.


Cylynx is a financial technology business that utilizes blockchain and machine learning technologies to offer cybersecurity solutions. Their expertise lies in transaction monitoring and fraud detection, assisting financial institutions in promptly identifying and preventing unlawful activities.


Qlue.AI specializes in the development of security solutions that utilize artificial intelligence to analyze and recognize visual data. Their technology is specifically engineered to bolster security by employing sophisticated monitoring techniques, providing valuable insights and timely notifications to preempt future security breaches.


Cymetrics provides cybersecurity evaluation and improvement services, emphasizing data-driven methodologies to increase the security stance of enterprises. They offer customized solutions to assist businesses in identifying vulnerabilities and enhancing their cybersecurity procedures.

AGAM Pte. Ltd.

AGAM Pte. Ltd. is a cybersecurity company that provides a variety of services, such as cybersecurity consultation, managed security services, and security solutions implementation. Their objective is to safeguard enterprises from cyber dangers by implementing thorough security measures and providing expert advice.


InterGlobeTech specializes in delivering cybersecurity solutions that prioritize network security, data protection, and threat management. The company provides specialized tools and services aimed at safeguarding essential infrastructure and assisting businesses in effectively managing and reducing cyber threats.

Ground Labs

Ground Labs is renowned for its software that specializes in the identification and resolution of data. Their solutions aid firms in locating, safeguarding, and overseeing sensitive data across diverse platforms and locations, guaranteeing adherence to data protection standards and minimizing the likelihood of data breaches.

BizbazPte Ltd

BizbazPte Ltd specializes in developing cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions that specifically target behavioral biometrics and fraud detection. Their system uses artificial intelligence to examine user behavior patterns for authentication and identify irregularities, providing an additional level of protection against identity theft and fraudulent activities.


RockX is a digital assets platform that provides a secure blockchain architecture and a range of services. Although not a conventional cybersecurity firm, its emphasis on blockchain technology encompasses elements of cybersecurity to safeguard digital transactions and assets.

Seer (Reality Detector)

Seer (Reality Detector) is a distinctive addition to the field of cybersecurity, with a primary focus on utilizing technology to identify deceit and validate the legitimacy of information. Their solutions are applicable in diverse settings, such as security screening, fraud identification, and bolstering confidence in digital communications.


About 10 Top Cyber Security Startups and Companies in Singapore

1: Is cybersecurity in demand in Singapore?

Yes, there is a significant demand for cybersecurity professionals in Singapore. The nation’s sophisticated digital economy and growing dependence on technology in both the public and private domains have intensified the necessity for strong cybersecurity protocols. Singapore’s government and corporations actively recruit proficient cybersecurity experts to safeguard against cyber attacks.

2: Who is the top cybersecurity company?

Identifying the foremost cybersecurity firm can differ depending on factors such as revenue, market share, innovation, or client feedback. Internationally, firms like Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, and Check Point are frequently recognized as leading entities due to their wide range of products and strong presence in the market. In Singapore, Singtel’s Trustwave, Quann (formerly Ensign InfoSecurity), and ST Electronics (Info-Security) are well-known firms in the field of information security. However, it is important to consider certain segments and requirements in order to determine a company’s position as a “top” company.

3: How big is the cyber security market in Singapore?

At the time of my last update, precise data regarding the size of Singapore’s cybersecurity market was not easily accessible. However, it is a component of the larger Asia-Pacific cybersecurity market, which is seeing significant expansion. The market is growing as a result of the rising number of cyber threats, the ongoing process of digital transformation, and the increasing need to comply with regulatory requirements.

4: Who is the head of cyber security in Singapore?

The individual responsible for overseeing cybersecurity in Singapore is often referred to as the Commissioner of Cybersecurity. This role includes leading the Cyber Security Agency (CSA) of Singapore. The CSA is tasked with supervising and improving the country’s cybersecurity stance.

5: Does cyber security pay well in Singapore?

Absolutely, cybersecurity roles in Singapore typically provide attractive remuneration packages, which mirror the strong demand for proficient experts in this domain. Remuneration fluctuates according to one’s level of expertise, credentials, and the particular position held.

6: How much do cyber security jobs pay in Singapore?

The salaries for cybersecurity positions in Singapore might vary significantly based on the specific role, level of experience, and certifications. Starting salaries for entry-level professions can range from SGD 4,000 per month, while salaries for more seasoned roles can reach SGD 10,000 per month or higher. Occupying leadership positions often results in increased remuneration.

7: What are the top cybercrimes in Singapore?

Key cybercrimes in Singapore encompass many forms of online fraud such as e-commerce scams, loan scams, and credit-for-sex scams. Additionally, phishing attacks, ransomware incidents, unauthorized access to computer resources, and data breaches are prevalent.

8: Which country has the highest demand for cybersecurity?

The United States frequently experiences the largest demand for cybersecurity personnel owing to its robust economy, the prevalence of multiple multinational technology corporations, and substantial investments in cybersecurity across diverse industries.

9: Who has the highest salary in cyber security?

Senior jobs, such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), cybersecurity consultants with specialized talents, and those in roles focused on advanced threat intelligence, incident response, and cybersecurity strategy, typically command the highest wages in the field of cybersecurity. Annual salaries can surpass USD 200,000, contingent upon the industry and geographical area.

10: What are the top 10 cyber security companies?

Globally, as per various surveys conducted by some of the most prestigious organizations, here are some of the top cybersecurity companies:

  • Cisco
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Check Point Software Technologies
  • Symantec (now part of Broadcom)
  • Fortinet
  • McAfee
  • Trend Micro
  • IBM Security
  • FireEye (now part of McAfee)
  • Sophos

11: What are the top five cyber security companies?

The top five cybersecurity companies, based on global recognition, innovation, and comprehensive security solutions, often include:

  1. Cisco
  2. Palo Alto Networks
  3. Check Point Software Technologies
  4. Fortinet
  5. Symantec (Broadcom)

The Bottom Line

To wrap up, we would like to comment that Singapore’s commitment to cybersecurity is apparent not just in its laws but also in the flourishing environment it has fostered to facilitate the growth of these enterprises. This analysis of the top 10 cybersecurity startups and organizations in Singapore will provide insight into their contributions, technology, and the crucial role they play in protecting the digital environment.

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