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How to Get a Cybersecurity Job? [Updated 2024]

If you are fighting with a question such as “How to Get a Cybersecurity Job?” you can rest assured. This article is specially written to guide you through the process of starting your cyber security career in the IT industry.

Many organizations hire cyber security professionals to offer their services to fight against online threats executed by adversaries to get unauthorized access to the victim’s networks, systems, and data. If the adversaries get their hands on the sensitive data of the victim, they can use it for various malicious intentions to earn some ransom money.

However, cyber security professionals have enough experience handling cyberattacks with the latest cyber security techniques & knowledge on how to use cyber security tools. If you want to become one of those professionals, you can start by learning cybersecurity basics.

Before that, you must find a reliable cybersecurity certification and training provider. After that, you will be able to learn about various ways to enter your favorite domain of work with the best learning experience under the guidance of professionals.

Before any delay, let’s learn about cyber security concepts and the criteria to join a cyber security job. Let’s continue!

How to get a job in cybersecurity without a degree?

Well, yes, you can get a job in cyber security without a degree because many employers won’t ask you for a degree to give you a position at the company. However, you can go for various certifications that will increase your value in skills holding and your chances to get promoted faster.

These certifications will work as evidence for you to prove your skills in cybersecurity techniques & the use of tools while applying for cybersecurity jobs at companies. Let’s continue!

How to Start a Career in Cyber Security with No Experience?

  1. Determine your Level of Preparation.

Before applying for a cybersecurity job, you must be assured of your knowledge and skills related to cybersecurity. Like many practitioners, if you have a background in “computer science,” it will benefit you to choose a suitable cybersecurity profile to work at the company.

Thus, you must assess your stats, & prepare for your future to start your job at a company as a cybersecurity professional.

  1. Identify your preferred Career Path.

There are several domains in cybersecurity & you should focus on the path that you find suitable according to your skills and knowledge. Choosing a particular career path will give you a clear vision, which will help you move forward in your career.

Moreover, you can prepare your study material and syllabus regarding a certain topic and choice, which will be more effective and beneficial for your future growth.

  1. Access resources to complement your knowledge.

If you have chosen your favorite topic and skills, you must prepare the needed material to explore the related domain. Ex – if you liked the hacking concepts, you must prepare the material according to penetration testing. Sources could be books, Ebooks, and Youtube. Due to the complexity of hacking skills, you must manage timing.

  1. Experiment with your skills,

Cyber Security Professionals have several skills by their side to fight against online threats executed by adversaries to get illegal access to sensitive data. However, they need to practice their skills to develop and sharpen them.

There are several sources available for you to learn important skills. First, you must have a PC to perform tasks with all OS. Following are some skills that a professional cyber security expert must have.

  • Coding,

With programming skills, you will be able to develop several applications, & programs for performing essential tasks in the organization to provide better cybersecurity solutions. There are several amazing programming languages you can learn, such as follows.

  1. Python,
  2. C & C++,
  3. PHP,
  4. HTML, and
  • Systems,

Moreover, there are several amazing Operating Systems that companies use for their daily operations. If you get your hands on such OS, you can deliver the best services for the companies hiring you as a professional cybersecurity expert. One of the most popular and secure systems is Linux OS.

  • Networking,

Networks are one of the mediums to receive & send data from one place to another. Moreover, these are some of the reasons why data breaches happen. If you know the cybersecurity techniques to secure networks with a protection layer over them, you can protect your data online.

  • Applications,

Applications & software are resources that can either strengthen cybersecurity or expose it to risk from attackers. You should be familiar with the fundamentals of setting up and managing the programs that facilitate data storage, communication, and internet connectivity.

  • Hacking

To comprehend the flaws in a security system and adopt the mindset of a cybercriminal, cybersecurity professionals study hacking.

  1. Pursue Certification.

Employers are more confident in you because of your certifications in protecting sensitive data and business processes. They are accessible to people of all skill levels and are frequently inexpensive.

The fee payment is the only criterion for many entry-level ones, which are available online. Those who work in cybersecurity frequently decide to:

  1. Pass the Security Fundamentals test offered by the Microsoft Technology Association,
  2. Obtain the Information Systems Audit and Control Association’s basic certificate in CSX Cybersecurity Fundamentals, and
  3. Obtain the Security+ entry-level certification from the Computing Technology Industry Association.

 6. Apply to Entry-Level Openings.

You are qualified to apply for entry-level positions after acquiring the fundamental knowledge, talents, and ideas that make up cybersecurity and after demonstrating your proficiency through certification.

As a result of the enormous demand for cybersecurity professionals caused by the growing risk of cyberattacks, you may anticipate finding a lot of businesses that will hire you as long as you can prove your abilities.

To be ready to assist firms with their most urgent problems, maintain a consistent effort in researching the most recent cybersecurity developments.

Entry-Level Cyber Security Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology and at least one to two years of network security experience.
  • Familiarity with the operating systems Unix, Linux, and Windows.
  • Knowledge of cloud computing and SaaS models.
  • Security+, Network+, & Certified Ethical Hackers are required.
  • Strong Awareness & Cybersecurity Capabilities.
  • Require proficiency with Forensic Tools.
  • Coding abilities in languages like Java, C, C++, and PHP.
  • Strong decision-making & communication abilities.
  • Knowledge of Vulnerabilities & Penetration Testing.
  • Certificates such as follows
  1. The EC-Council Certified Security Analyst,
  2. GIAC Security Certificates, and
  3. Certified Ethical Hacker.

Entry-Level Cyber Security Jobs

  1. Security Analyst/Manager,
  2. Security Specialist,
  3. Incident Responder,
  4. Cryptographer,
  5. Security Architect,
  6. Security Auditor,
  7. Forensics Expert,
  8. Penetration Tester,
  9. Security Engineer, and
  10. Source Code Auditor.

Cyber Security Jobs Salary

S.No. Job Profiles Range Average
1. Cyber Security Analyst S$24k – S$108k S$54,774
2. Cyber Security Engineer S$6k – S$121k S$54,495
3. Security Analyst S$28k – S$83k S$54,000
4. Security Engineer S$27k – S$99k S$71,702
5. Chief Information Security Officer S$342 – S$323k S$160,000
6. Security Consultant (Computing / Networking / Information Technology) S$8k – S$87k S$60,000
7. Information Security Manager S$63k – S$176k S$114,514

Certifications in Cybersecurity

There are several cybersecurity certification providers available in the IT sector that can offer you the best learning opportunities in the cybersecurity domain. However, suppose you want to choose one of the best cyber security certification. In that case, you can go with the Industrial Oriented Innovative Cyber Security Course, which Craw Security offers in Singapore, for the knowledge and skill development of IT Professionals in cyber security. Open your way to huge amounts of opportunities for growth in the IT Sector.


If you want to start your career in the cybersecurity domain as a cybersecurity professional, you can start by contacting a reliable cybersecurity certification provider. After that, you will be able to learn cybersecurity concepts under the guidance of professional cybersecurity experts.

One of the experts you can believe in the IT Sector for learning cybersecurity concepts is Craw Security which offers the best cybersecurity certification known as the Industrial Oriented Innovative Cyber Security Course in Singapore.

This certification course is specially designed to introduce cybersecurity concepts to the aspirants with the latest cybersecurity techniques & the knowledge of how to use such tools. After completing this course, you can sit in the cybersecurity exam.

This exam will assess all of your skills in cybersecurity that you have learned in the training provided by the cyber security trainers under the premises. After the examination, you will be eligible to apply for several entry-level cyber security jobs in Singapore in 2023. What are you waiting for? Start your cyber security career now!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Cybersecurity Job?

  1. Is it hard to get a job in cyber security?

Well, no, it is not hard for you to get a job in cyber security. However, you must be eligible to work as a cyber security professional in the companies you may apply for the job. For that, you should have enough knowledge about cybersecurity technology and the use of tools.

With the latest cyber security knowledge, you can work as a cyber security expert. You can also join a cybersecurity certification & training program, which is offered by several institutes for the enhancement of the knowledge and skills in cyber security.

  1. Can I start my career in cyber security?

Yes, you can definitely start your career in cyber security. Moreover, in recent years the demand for cyber security has increased at a huge rate globally because of increased cyberattacks. A career in cyber security will be beneficial for you if you have a great interest in cyber security as an IT aspirant; your career will take a good turn for a bright future. What are you waiting for? Start now!

  1. Can a non-IT person learn cybersecurity?

Being a non-IT person learning cybersecurity can be challenging but not impossible. You just need to have the support of the best guides with years of experience in cyber security. One of the best options for you in Singapore would be Craw Security which is offering the Industrial Oriented Innovative Cyber Security Course.

This course is specially customized for IT Professionals who want to work as cybersecurity professionals in the IT Industry for high-end paying jobs. What are you waiting for? Contact, Now!

  1. How to get into cyber security if you already work in IT?

Well, there are many ways you can start as a cybersecurity professional in the IT Sector. One of the best ways you can choose is to join the cyber security course available in Singapore. Moreover, suppose you want to join the best certification course in Singapore.

In that case, you can contact Craw Security, which has offered the Best Industrial Oriented Innovative Cyber Security Course in Singapore. After completing this course, you can apply for entry-level positions such as

  1. Penetration Tester,
  2. IT Auditor,
  3. Information Security Analyst, and
  4. Systems Administrator.

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