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Cyber Awareness Training Course in Singapore [Updated 2024]

Best Cyber Awareness Training Course in Singapore

The evolution of mankind from social animals to cyber humans has been incredibly fascinating.  In the past decades, as a result of technological improvements, we have been becoming more tech-savvy and doing a lot of our work online.  People are relying increasingly on online training versions of almost every subject or tech innovation in the modern environment, where a variety of viruses are emerging into the open with each passing day from nearly every region of the globe, as they are forced to do so owing to a shortage of physical classes available.

Similarly, different cyber security awareness institutions are actively promoting several cyber security awareness training in Singapore and in the global community through both online and offline channels.

On the other hand, it is quite evident that if people do not hold a firm grasp over cyber security awareness, then this could also be very severe to some categories of individuals who do not have a solid comprehension of cyber security awareness info.  Nonetheless, Craw Security, the best cyber security training institute in Singapore, offers internationally recognized cyber security awareness training in Singapore through the most skilled, qualified, and experienced training instructors.

Nowadays, we only possess two certain options: either go fully online or miss out on everything.  Since humans are the most intelligent creatures, they picked the most advanced way of making it operate even from their homes.  However, this cyber-savvy world became vulnerable to common people getting cheated by some anti-social elements who were refining their talents to defraud people for their own gain by utilizing the lack of awareness of cyber security accessible to the common man.

Moreover, businesses are now more aware than ever because they are experiencing issues with their network security!  In addition, hackers encrypt an organization’s data in order to demand high ransom payments to get their data back.  Even households would require security IT architecture if the situation remained the same.  Since staying proactive and taking preventative measures are the only ways to avoid falling victim to these cyber security scam traps, businesses should think about offering their staff cyber security awareness training in Singapore.

What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

With the aim of educating all functioning staff levels with a respectable strategy for information awareness training, we might formally comprehend the definition of information security awareness training.  In order to help them become familiar with cyberattacks, data breaches, as well as other types of cybersecurity threats, this specific cyber security training for employees involves teaching employees about corporate policies, the significance of corporate data, and operating procedures with information technology.

In this regard, the main goal is to stop employees from making any stupid mistakes that could result in them disclosing any type of confidential information about the company by trapping them in some shady cybercriminal schemes.

In today’s era, the majority of workers work from home, and some businesses have even created a culture where future and present employees can work permanently from home, so it is imperative to give them access to a respectable online cyber security awareness course from a highly regarded and affiliated cyber security institute.

All in all, for a large portion of our people, we also need the same kind of information security awareness training courses.  I.e., students who represent our future generation.  With the aid of an excellent online cyber security awareness course, society wants us to educate and inform our learning generation about the proper kind of cyber security awareness for students.

Cyber Security Awareness Month

Today, there ought to be a procedure for setting up an entire cyber security awareness month just to start educating our working employees and students, who are the today and tomorrow of our society.  In addition, it is highly crucial that both the employees and learners are well-trained and fully aware of almost everything about the information breach scams that occur nearly every day.

In this regard, we might teach our staff, which has to be our top educational focus to give them vital information on cyber awareness training topics.  Moreover, we have outlined some of the key areas where an employee could receive training to improve their cyber security awareness to the highest level in order to follow the example of the many forms of cyber security awareness sessions:

Cyber Security Awareness Description Solutions
Opening Emails from Unidentified Senders The most popular form of official communication is email.  A Radicati Group poll found that the typical person receives 235 emails each day.  The likelihood that some of the emails are fraudulent is very high. The acquisition of malware on the device in use or backdoor access of the malware attack user into the company’s server could result from opening emails from unknown senders.


Give staff detailed guidance not to open messages from unidentified senders. Inform staff members not to open any unexpected attachments or click on any website URLs.
Bearing Weak Login Credentials The main cause of the issue is that, according to a poll, 81% of adults use a universal password for anything that contains some type of personal information, such as a nickname, D.O.B., vehicle number, street address, etc.  The majority of cybercriminals use techniques that enable them to decode public profiles using a few popular password combos until they find a perfect match. Employing one-of-a-kind, untraceable passwords, such as a string of upper- and lowercase alphanumeric characters.  E.g. “R@mb0&120*”Continue updating the passwords at regular intervals if you forget to do it.  Today, set an alert for the next date, which will be precisely 3 months from now.
Writing Passwords on Sticky Notes One of the primary issues with putting your user names and passwords on sticky notes on your computer.  Don’t ever put all your faith in your coworkers, because this could severely hurt you.  If you continue to have the same behavior, stop it right now and update the passwords that are currently in use. If you find it challenging to recall your passwords, try and write them down in your most private copies and keep them secret in your office lockers or safe drawers with locks.
Providing Access to Everyone of Sensitive Organizational Database. Additionally, it has been observed that numerous businesses continue to make the error of giving everyone access to every type of critical file.  I.e., from a recently hired intern to the senior manager, which is undoubtedly improper from the perspective of the organization confidentially.  Given that some employees may leak, misplace, or communicate data with malevolent intent, this behavior could result in a network hijacking of key firm files on an ongoing basis. Granting everybody systematic access according to their requirements and position in the employment hierarchy. The number of employees that have access to changing system configurations can be customized. Avoid giving freshly hired staff members “admin access” until they establish their character and value to the firm.
Missing Crucial Cyber Security Awareness Training of Employees Several studies carried out over a range of time intervals demonstrate that a number of businesses lost their records to malevolent threat users because their staff was not given the proper cyber security awareness training.  Contrarily, just 25% of corporate executives have faith in the effectiveness of this training. You should enroll your staff in the proper type of Information Security Awareness training provided by Craw Security, a highly regarded cyber security training institute. The following material is imparted during Craw Security’s extremely effective cyber security awareness training:
●        Using complex and secure passwords and developing a password management system.
●        Online fraud and phishing
●        Locking equipment when not in use.
●        The control of mobile devices
●        Appropriate illustrations of various circumstances to help explain.
No Installation of Antivirus Software The databases of your company might be accessed by different cyber criminals looking for their next victim for their own illicit gain, who might then sell your private, secret portion of the information on the black market.  To prevent these occurrences, you must educate your employees as soon as possible in cyber security awareness, in addition to deploying a solid version of paid antivirus software as a preventative measure to thwart these unexpected cyberattacks. Please ensure that your anti-virus software is updated daily to the most recent version if you already own a reliable version of it. Perform all of the settings so that the corresponding system updates happen automatically after work hours. Also, you must not permit any employee to reject this specific organizational policy (regardless of their position).


Utilizing Unprotected Mobile Devices If your business has smartphones, tablets, or laptops, you need to have a strategy in place to protect them from potentially harmful hackers’ prying eyes. A password ought to be constantly required to access each device. However, no malevolent user may access the vital databases kept on the hard disks of these gadgets in the event of any loss or theft. Constantly maintain a point of contact in case of loss or theft, and take precautions to disable the device remotely. These company-owned mobile devices should be under the supervision of endpoint security solutions. To prevent data theft, you shouldn’t use any untrusted public WiFi.

Top 5  Benefits of Cyber Security Awareness Training in Singapore

Companies should provide workers with proper training in cyber security to inform staff members of the risks that cyber assaults pose to the business and how they can help prevent those attacks. The following are some of the main advantages:

1. Strong and secure Virtual Working Environment for everyone.

Employees who participate in the cyber security awareness training program feel more accountable for conducting their work in a secure manner.  Individuals are frequently oblivious to issues that don’t immediately affect them.  If indeed the organization strives to provide training, however, they will understand the value of cybersecurity, and an ongoing training program will offer them the skills necessary to defend against simple malicious assaults.

2. Prevention from Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches

Employees can’t keep informed about current cyberattacks and their countermeasures without training in cyber security awareness. Workers have the ability to both defend against and avert system intrusions.

3. Vigorous Technical defenses

Technology-based security measures are essential for protecting businesses against cybercrime.  To run, maintain, and enhance the security of the software, these defense systems need basic trained workers, but only if the staff gets the essentials.  If the managing staff is not adequately trained in cyber security awareness, these protection mechanisms won’t function successfully.

4. Employees Acting as a Resource: Humans are the weakest chain in Cyber security.

Making employees believe in their abilities to avert mishaps is one of the main advantages of cyber awareness training in Singapore.  Employee morale would increase as a result, and they would feel more responsible for the company. The ability to defend against cyberattacks will increase among employees.

5. Syncing Everyone Together!

Every working individual would have comparable training, have a comparable age, and be aware of the issues facing an organization.  The many departments will work together to protect the data from assaults. This will improve the atmosphere in the company.

Always take the extra step of caution. The pace of trade should not be slowed down by this pandemic’s cyberattacks, which can be partially avoided by merely training the organization’s staff. Companies should remain proactive.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Cyber Awareness Training Course in Singapore

1: How important is security awareness training?

Every company should provide high-quality cyber security awareness training to its staff members, who serve as the acting workforce to address a variety of day-to-day difficulties in an establishment and whom any deceiver can play by duping through some of one’s dishonest methods to obtain crucial and sensitive corporate data.

2: What is the meaning of security awareness?

Security awareness is the understanding that a working person possesses regarding the frequency of information breach scams that occur daily and the methods that may be used to shield a corresponding firm from their negative impacts prior to any data theft.

3: What is awareness training?

The knowledge shared about the various cyber security measures and the criteria used to prudently evaluate them in order to methodically route all the connected databases of a company can be referred to as awareness training.

4: What are the types of security awareness?

The following list includes a variety of security awareness methodologies:

  • Choosing to open emails from unknown senders
  • Using Dubious Login Information
  • Making Sticky Note Passwords
  • Giving everyone access to a private organization’s database.
  • Missing Critical Employee Cyber Security Awareness Training in Singapore
  • No antivirus software installed
  • Using Mobile Devices That Aren’t Protected

5: What is a Cyber Security Awareness course?

Many cybersecurity training institutions offer a specific course that is taught by fully qualified cybersecurity professionals using their own self-evaluated, unique teaching methods.  In the proximity of Singapore NCR, Craw Security is one of the leading providers of cybersecurity awareness training in Singapore.  While you can genuinely take the online course at any time and from any location in the world, the offline course is taught by highly qualified and experienced cybersecurity training instructors.

6: Which cyber security course is best?

The best way to understand cyber security awareness training in Singapore at the most appropriate and reasonable pricing is to enroll in the Cyber Security Course provided by Craw Security, the finest cyber security training institute in Singapore.

7: Is cyber security a stressful job?

It carries a significant portion of the responsibility for the organization’s ongoing cyber security, which also includes a complicated web of programming codes and Linux commands.  Furthermore, it requires reliable networking basics to use when implementing cybersecurity controls in an IT interface.  Ultimately, it makes it a difficult task for cybersecurity experts to complete.

8: Can I learn cyber security in 2 months?

You can gain an understanding of ethical hacking in just 60 hours, but if you are interested in becoming a fully-fledged cyber security expert with the ability to handle a variety of tasks related to the various guidelines of cyber security, you should enroll in the 4-level cyber security courses, which offer all necessary knowledge in one comprehensive package under the supervision of qualified professionals.

9: What are the main topics in cyber security?

You may learn a lot of fundamental concepts in cyber security, including network administration, ethical hacking basics, Python programming, Amazon Associate, AWS Security, Linux fundamentals, and many more.

To learn more about the 4-level cyber security courses offered by Singapore’s top mentors and trainers, click here.

10: Where is cyber security used?

We need to adopt cyber security foundations and protocols in practically every aspect of today’s modern world because there are so many internet-connected devices available that can be compromised by employing predetermined methods, tactics, and procedures. For instance, IoT penetration testing, web application security, cloud security, and mobile application security.

11: Is cyber security harder than coding?

Coding is a component or subset of carrying out several cybersecurity-related jobs.  Now that you know which one is harder, I hope you can decide for yourself.

Wrapping Up

Given the fact that we have already covered all the technical aspects of cyber security awareness training in Singapore, we hope you will make a good decision when picking a program that is totally associated with the information security giants.  Moreover, if you are actively looking to participate in world-class cybersecurity training under the supervision of highly qualified, skilled, motivated, and experienced training mentors, you may give us a call back at +65-93515400 and a no-cost demo class.

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