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Crash Course in Cyber Security Singapore | Craw Security [Updated 2024]

Crash Course in Cyber Security is prepared specially for IT aspirants who want to enhance their understanding of the cybersecurity concepts that are going to be used in dealing with cybersecurity incidents.

Several organizations need professional support from cyber security experts who specialize in resolving cyber security issues due to the unethical tasks executed by cybercriminals. Thus, if you are considering starting a career in the IT Industry with cybersecurity skills, you can start searching for a Crash Course in Cyber Security.

What is Crash Course in Cyber Security?

A Crash Course in Cyber Security is a program designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the field of cybersecurity. This program typically covers a wide range of topics related to cybersecurity, including information security, network security, cryptography, cybercrime, digital forensics, and cybersecurity management.

Crash Cyber Security Courses

Craw Security offers one of the Best Crash course  in Cyber Security , the Industrial Oriented Cyber Security Course in Singapore. This training and certification course will offer you four levels of training, which include.

 1 Month Crash Course: Level 1  Beginners




  1. Basic Networking,
  2. Linux Essential, and
  3. Python Programming.


 1 Month Crash Course: Level 2  






  1. Ethical Hacking,
  2. Penetration Testing, and
  3. Cyber Forensics.


 1 Month Crash Course: Level 3  Advanced




  1. Web Application Security,
  2. Mobile Application Security and
  3. IoT Pentesting.


 1 Month Crash Course: Level 4  Expert



  1. End-Point Security,
  2. AWS Security, and
  3. AWS Associate.


Crash Course in Cyber Security Eligibility

Several institutions may ask you for an undergraduate degree before letting you take the cyber security crash course. However, if you get in contact with Craw Security, you’ll be able to join this course even if you just passed 12th standard or even without a computer science background.

Moreover, you’ll be able to get trained under professionals who have years of experience in the cybersecurity area of the IT Sector while offering their knowledge to enhance the security measures for various organizations.

After joining the Industrial Oriented Cyber Security Course in Singapore, one can get trained under the professionals provided by Craw Security, which has been offering training for cybersecurity for years.

This crash course in cyber security will validate your honed skills that will help several organizations dealing with cyber security events disrupting the operations of various departments due to issues in accessing the services needed for performing tasks.

After completing this course, you can sit for the cybersecurity exam, which is specially prepared to test your skills in cybersecurity incidents. Afterward, you will become a certified cyber security professional who will be able to resolve security issues related to networks and systems in an organization due to cyberattacks.

Moreover, students will get the chance to test their knowledge & skills on dummy machines in the labs offered by Craw Security on its premises. The certifications provided by Craw Security are valid in several companies globally. What are you waiting for? Contact now!

Jobs after doing Crash Course in Cyber Security

After the completion of this crash course, you’ll be able to approach various job profiles that are available and suitable for cyber security experts in the industry working for the better performance of organizational operations being carried out in the firm for providing services.

Following are the Job Profiles that you can apply for after the completion of the Industrial Oriented Cyber Security Course in Singapore.

  1. Cybersecurity Analysts,
  2. Information Security Manager,
  3. Ethical Hacker,
  4. Security Consultant, and
  5. Incident Responder.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which crash course is Best for Cyber Security?

If you are searching for the best crash course for cyber security, you can join the Industrial Oriented Cyber Security Course in Singapore offered by Craw Security for IT Professionals who want to enhance their knowledge & skills in cyber security.

This training and certification course is specially designed to train students under the guidance of professionals who have years of experience in handling cyber security incidents with real-life conditions. What are you waiting for? Contact Now!

2. How long does a crash course in Cyber Security take?

It depends on you and your experience with the understanding of cyber security concepts. Moreover, this certification course is around 1 year. Moreover, after completion of the certification program, you can sit for the exam that tests your knowledge & skills honed during the sessions within various formats. But mostly written and practical exams.

3. What is taught in Cyber Security crash course ?

Some of the topics that you are going to learn in the Cyber Security Crash Course are as follows.

  • Information Security,
  • Network Security,
  • Cybercrime and Digital Forensics,
  • Cryptography,
  • Cybersecurity Management, and
  • Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing.

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