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Do you want to advance your penetration testing career? If so, the greatest course for you to take to advance your knowledge and take your job to the next level is an excellent course in offensive security. Gain access to Offensive Security Courses by Craw Security, an official learning partner that offers its information security courses at surprisingly affordable costs so that anyone from any income group family can choose to take these courses without any second thoughts.

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About Offensive Security Certification Course in Singapore

Offensive Security was established in 2007 and operates internationally in the information security, penetration testing, and digital forensics sectors dispersing quality training to all learners whosoever thinks to become the master in these concerning disciplines. Several open-source initiatives, sophisticated security training programs, the ExploitDB vulnerability database, and the Kali Linux distribution have all been successfully produced by this company. Additionally, Mati Aharoni’s Offensive Security, often known as OffSec, was developed with the help of numerous security experts with extensive backgrounds in system security evaluation and security penetration testing. OffSec has moreover already provided security advice and instruction to a number of tech companies.
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Popular Offensive Security Training and Certification Courses in Singapore

In order to assist security experts in developing the abilities necessary to counteract today’s digital dangers, Offensive Security provides a number of certification programs. The Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP), Offensive Security Wireless Professional (OSWP), and Advanced Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses (PEN-300 OSEP) are among the most well-liked courses. All of the courses offer hands-on training with tools and techniques used in the real world and assist in creating a solid basis for ethical hacking and penetration testing. The most comprehensive and well-known certification is the OSCP, while the OSWP and OSEP offer greater specialized skill sets. All certification programs are offered online and include practical laboratories and activities to guarantee that students have a firm grasp of the subject matter.
Pentesting Prerequisites PEN100 | WEB100 | SOC100

You will study specific topics like the fundamentals of web applications, an intro to cryptography, and using shells in this PEN-100 / Prerequisites course. You will run into things like Metasploit, Buffer Overflow, Antivirus Evasion, and bash scripting.

OSCP PEN-200 Certification Training

The top-of-the Penetration Testing with Kali Linux (PWK/PEN-200) course offered by Offensive Security’s OSCP Certification Training has just been better because of the submission of five recently decommissioned OSCP Exam machines to PWK labs. These 5 devices represent the entire OSCP Exam room in this sense.

OSWP PEN - 210 Certification Training

Learners will have an understanding of the process of detecting all identified weaknesses and shortcomings in 802.11 networks and executing fully planned attacks in this topic PEN-210 and the OSWP Certification. In addition, each student would understand how to set up a home lab to put the tips and tricks they have acquired from this aggressive PEN-210 / OSWP course into practice.

OSEP PEN - 300 Certification Training

This highly regarded certification and training program in exceptional Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defenses (PEN-300) is simply a suggestion from the House of Offensive Security and is delivered by the expert faculties of Craw Security to deliver the utmost quality training.

OSWA WEB - 200 Certification Training

Learn the principles of web application evaluations in this freshly designed WEB-200 / OSWA course. The Web Attacks with Kali Linux (WEB-200) course, which was created specifically for employment categories like Web Application Penetration Testers, Pentesters, Web Application Developers, etc., will teach some fundamental ideas.

OSWE WEB - 300 Certification Training

Three unique new modules, updated current information, new machines, and updated videos are all included in this WEB-300 / OSWE course. Furthermore, the students who really complete this course will need to sit for an exam that is specifically designed to provide them with the OSWE Certificate and demonstrate their mastery of controlling front-facing web programs.


Why Choose Offensive Security?

People who have worked effectively as professional penetration testers for a number of years can choose this captivating infosec training provider by visiting its official website or through Craw Security, which serves as its Official Learning Partner in Singapore, which are very few in number throughout the world. It is one of the world’s most carefully curated penetration testing courses, and many pen testers who want to advance their expertise and career to the highest levels in their hierarchy have selected it. Therefore, pick Craw Security to complete any of your preferred Offensive Security courses.

Benefits of Offensive Security Certification Courses

Who can take up Offensive Security Training?

For numerous top information security roles and classifications, there exist multiple courses in offensive security. To advance one’s profession to the highest levels of success, one could actively choose courses in Offensive Security.

The following are some of the primary professionals who can enroll in this Offensive Security Training:

Offensive Security Courses from Craw

CRAW Security is one of the few Official Learning Partners of Offensive Security working flawlessly throughout the world. We offer Offensive Security’s information security course at a variety of incredibly low prices because we are one of their Official Learning Partners. Those who want to excel in their penetration testing jobs well above the norm should enroll in offensive security courses as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Offensive Security Course in Singapore

What is Offensive Security?

A US-based multinational software corporation called Offensive Security excels in the fields of digital forensics, penetration testing, and information security. For all of those who are employed in the information security sectors, it offers outstanding training in penetration testing and other diverse fields.

What are Offensive Security techniques?
In a nutshell, offensive security can be defined as a well-known and aggressive way to defend computer systems, networks, and many candidates against attacks. In this sense, traditional security, usually referred to as “defensive security,” prioritizes preventative measures above various reactive ones, including software patches and monitoring and addressing numerous system vulnerabilities.
Is Offensive Security good?
Yes, the incredibly lucrative OCSP Certification Training from Offensive Security is a well-known certification required for a number of penetration testing positions.
What is offensive and defensive security?

Defensive security, as the name implies, is essentially a reactive strategy used once any vulnerability has been tracked through prevention, identification, and reaction. On the other hand, Offensive Security employs ethical hacking to assess the issue or vulnerability and finds a way to shut down the operation.

Can a beginner do OSCP?
No, the OSCP Certification Training is only for penetration testing professionals that have successfully performed a variety of pen testing capabilities for a significant length of time.
What is an offensive security team?
A team of expert penetration testers called Offensive Security works on an IT infrastructure in the role of possible attackers in order to find all the flaws that are encrypted or concealed and then exploit them to see what happens. In this context, additional phenomena, such as information gathering, social engineering, hacking, physical infiltration, etc., are also taken into consideration when assessing the entire security posture of an IT system.
Who owns Offensive Security?
Mati Aharoni owns Offensive Security now.
Is OSCP harder than CEH?

Between OSCP Certification Training and CEH v12 Training and Certification, there is a significant difference in difficulty because the former is harder than the latter. One needs to finish the exam, which could take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours.

What does an Offensive Security engineer do?
As a general rule, as a Red Team Consultant or Offensive Security Engineer, you must work with a skilled team of pentesting professionals to carry out various sorts of security testing for clients in order to identify security issues and offer remedies. Additionally, you will undoubtedly need to go through a variety of difficulties with clients in order to suggest efficient security measures for long-term solutions.
How much does OSCP certification cost?

According to Offensive Security’s official website, the price for a single course of OSCP Certification Training is around $1599.

Additionally, Craw Security is one of the Official Learning Partners of Offensive Security, and it offers its information security courses at incredibly low prices. To enquiring anything about the courses, you can call us at +65-93515400 to speak with one of our highly qualified educational counselors about the best price for this outstanding course.

How long is OSCP training?

You will need between 80 and 100 hours of in-depth instruction at Craw Security, the company’s official learning partner, to fully comprehend all the foundations of OSCP Certification Training. Craw Security offers Offensive Security’s information security courses at very competitive rates.

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