10 Questions to Ask your Penetration Testing Service Provider [Updated 2024]

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10 Questions to Ask your Penetration Testing Service Provider [Updated 2024]

Are you finding someone to provide you the Penetration Testing Services? Well, before that, you must know what should be considered thinking before getting in contact with a penetration testing tester. Several penetration testing service providers can offer you the best penetration services to resolve your security issues occurring due to a lack of enough security measures.

However, not every penetration testing service provider is suitable for everyone’s needs. That’s because you know that due to several factors, one needs to choose a specific service provider to fit the goal. Some of the factors that will have an impact on making decisions about hiring professionals are as follows.

  1. Expertise & Experience,
  2. Certifications & Accreditations,
  3. Methodology & Approach,
  4. Tools & Techniques,
  5. Team Composition & Skills,
  6. Reporting & Documentation,
  7. Reputation & References,
  8. Compliance & Regulatory Knowledge,
  9. Communication & Collaboration, and
  10. Cost & Value.

Moreover, according to the size of your organization/ business, the resources and tools are get decided by the pentester with the level of accessing your systems. That sets the limitation on danger while acquiring major steps against your security measures.

Now that you know what you need to know, let’s focus on the questions that you may ask a penetration testing service provider.

  1. What are the certifications held by your company?

We have the support of several certified professionals in various penetration domains related to mobile, cloud, web apps, IoT, and many more. Thus, one doesn’t need to worry about any specializations.

Moreover, our professionals are well certified with so many renowned ethical hacking certifications validated globally, such as – CEH from EC Council, OSCP from Offensive Security, Red Hat Certified (RHCSA, RHCE), and CISCO Certified (CCNA, CCNP).

  1. What is your penetration testing methodology?

It depends on the goal of the company needing penetration testing services, whether they want penetration testing on software or a web application. Moreover, several other factors also have an impact on the methodology getting executed for penetration testing, such as – Scope & Objective, Target System Complexity, Compliance Requirement, Industry Best Practices, Available Information, Time & Resource Constraints, Engagement Type, Risk Appetite, Testing Methods & Tools, and Client Requirements & Preferences.

  1. What are the things covered under your penetration testing report?

In our penetration testing report, we mentioned things like – Executive Summary, Introduction, Methods, Goals & Limits, Finding & Security Flaws, Evidence & POC, Risk Test, Solutions, Conclusion, and Appendices.

  1. How do you maintain internal security in your company?

In order to maintain our company’s internal security posture, we follow the following aspects.

  1. Security Policies & Procedures,
  2. Access Control,
  3. Regular User Account Reviews,
  4. Strong Password and Authentication,
  5. Security Awareness Training,
  6. Patch Management,
  7. Network Security,
  8. Data Protection,
  9. Incident Response Plan,
  10. And many more.
  11. Does your penetration testing service include remediation service?

Yes, after we finish with our penetration testing services, we provide solutions based on the result coming out of testing the systems and network security infrastructure. With that, one can reassure of their security measures for the protection of their resources.

  1. Have you made any vulnerability disclosures recently?

We frequently do something like vulnerability diagnostics to see if the current level of security is enough for the protection of the company’s infrastructure or not. This will maintain the security levels of the database that the company is handling right now!

  1. Is your penetration testing service automated or manual?

We provide both automated penetration testing services and manual penetration testing services based on the current situation & needs of the clients. However, both of them have their own benefits as follows.

  1. Automated Penetration Testing Services
  • Speed & Efficiency
  • Coverage & Consistency
  • Basic Vulnerability Identification
  • Cost-Effective
  1. Manual Penetration Testing Services
  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Contextual Understanding
  • Customized Exploitation
  • Validation and False Positives Reduction.
  1. Who would be conducting a penetration test, and what are their qualifications?

Certified Penetration Testers offering you penetration testing services from our company will conduct the process of pentesting on your systems to find out the security flaws in your system & networks. Thus, you shouldn’t worry about any complications.

  1. Do you perform background and screening checks of your team members?

Definitely! That’s because it will hamper and impact the whole process of penetration testing execution on the client’s resources. Each one of our professionals has been certified with renowned certifications available in the IT Sector, which validates their honed skills & knowledge through the years they worked in the industry.

  1. Will my services remain available during a penetration test?

Well, that’s a tricky question. In some cases, some of your services will remain available for a steady work environment. However, within a few ones, minimal disruption in providing services could happen. That’s because it’s not definite which part of your system infrastructure will the professional is working till you specify your goals.

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